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VR-Capable Graphics Card?

I'm interested in upgrading from SLI 760's to a graphics card that can run Virtual Reality at decent settings. I'm thinking of getting a 1060 (due to the low price point) but I'm not too sure how well that will run. Any recommendations?

You should go for a 1660ti
I think a 980/980ti is the lowest end GPU that comfortably supports VR. Supposedly the 970 supports VR but I hear it's not a very good experience (FPS dips leading to nausea). That should give you a benchmark to compare against.
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Man, I can't wait for the day I can play something like Mechwarrior with a HOTAS and VR.
Elite Dangerous supports VR and HOTAS, although a space ship isn't quite a mech. And Project Cars I think supports a wheel and VR. Man, I wish I had infinite money. So many things on my wish list.
VR is still in its infancy. A 1060 should be able to handle VR now, but this may not be true in the future. On the other hand, unless there are VR titles worth playing and putting many hours into, it makes little sense to buy high-end just for VR. 1070 would be a nice middle ground when prices stabilize. I'm sure you aren't only playing VR titles anyway.
Personally I'm waiting for a polished and complete VR title I really want to play and then taking the plunge into high-end.