Harsh highs with Schiit Modi 3/ Magni 3. Got my 6xx's. I have patiently broken them in. However, I have them plugged into the above combo and truthfully, I find the highs to be very piercing. Shrill. Uncomfortable. Do I like music loud? Well, yeah, if it's recorded well. But, I have to admit to be a bit disappointed. I have the Loki too but, removed it as any adjustments made require endless adjustments for each recording. I find the bass fine. Mids? Well, we all know the answer to that! But does anyone else have a similar experience? It's certainly not an issue with the Sennheiser's. But for me personally? I'm not hearing what I've heard about this setup. I'm wondering if perhaps I should sell my Schiit gear and get the DarkVoice? I'm not hearing enough warmth with them. Yes, if I keep volume under 12 o'clock things are generally ok but, when you try to listen even slightly longer I find fatigue setting in. Curious about anyone's thoughts on this. Regards to all.


Oct 26, 2020
I have owned a Modi/Magni with these headphones but I never felt any highs being too harsh. I do know though that some people are more sensitive to highs than others. I usually listen around 3/4 of the way up on low gain (sometimes a little less though depending on if the song's softer or not). If you listen to any louder than that then try turning it down. As for the midrange, a Darkvoice would definitely help improve mids and honestly I love the sound of the Darkvoice with these headphones. I would honestly keep your solid state amp though because the Darkvoice is not a do it all (Also keep in mind to save your dac because you should use a dac for any amp you buy). Genres like hip-hop are a much better listening experience on the solid state where as I found a lot of rock songs sound amazing on the Darkvoice.