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Monoprice Planars

Anybody heard about the new Monoprice Planar headphones? They have an open back version for $300 and a closed back version for $200. They look quite handsome modeled after Hifiman and Audeze.
This might allow me to get into PM's, which had previously been out of my budget.
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Wow, would like an impression but both of them are OOS?
I don't believe they are out as of yet based on what I'm finding on the web. The closed one shows it should be in stock on 11/15 and the open variety is TBD
I have started saving already. :D
WOW, they actually look really good imho. but @wolf-math you only linked to the open back headphones. You should fix it :P Here's the link (for the closed back) if anyone is interested:
Agreeing with Heefty here. The RP MkIII series had a good rebate two months ago too.
I'm curious as to how these perform, but not at that price.
Do you really think they will be better than a HIFIMAN HE400S for the same price? Not sure why the HIFIMANs have disallowed you from getting into PMs since they're the same price.
Then there's always the Fostex T50RP MkIII which is like $150 too.
Smells like someone's getting something out of this ad to me...
I wasn't aware that the 400S was only $300. Something about the T50 never struck my fancy. No kickbacks here, I just haven't heard much buzz about it. Read it on gizmodo this morning. Head-fi doesn't have much details either.