Well I think that’s my last order..
Since I contacted support I have gotten nothing but rude responses. So here is the gist of it.. I ordered a custom key cap.. Because I thought “why not, I have 15 bucks credit it makes it worth it”. But I was charged full price.. I keep being told I wasn’t charged full price. I am looking at my bank account it is at full price. Maybe it’s your system that’s messed up not the banks fault (who I called as well)? You even emailed me a receipt that says I am charged at full price! I am still told no you are wrong and your bank is wrong, we gave you the credit... WHAT?! I always expect the shipping to be half arsed.. as 2/3s of the things I receive look like the package came through a damn war. But, I honestly was not expecting this... So all in all I am just curious if anyone else has experienced the same issue with their order and have gotten the same horrible customer support on the back end?
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Hi @Le_NIGHTMANE ! I apologize that your experience with us has not been ideal. Please look out for my reply on your support ticket for further assistance. Thank you!