Recommendations for a DAC/AMP with Bluetooth

Hi I’m looking for a DAC AMP like the Topping but with the following specs which I can’t seem to find •DAC with USB and digital inputs •Amp which can drive speakers •Analogue outputs to feed a power amp •Bluetooth compatible if it’s not possible in one unit then any ideas for matched units would be good thx

•Amp which can drive speakers •Analogue outputs to feed a power amp Why both?... if you have an external amp you don't need internal amplification.
Oct 1, 2020
Its actually for a friend’s daughter so I’m not 100% clear on that either. She already has an amp and speakers so I’m guessing it’s to drive more than one set of speakers maybe or to have an upgrade path?
upgrade path would make sense, tell your friend doubling up speakers that are playing the same channel information is a recipe for throwing the frequency response in a blender (if that is their aim). This is known is comb filtering, certain frequencies will get a massive boost, others will be much quieter and it will vary greatly by where the listener sits. What's their budget look like?