CTRL making weird high pitched noise when lights are on.

I just noticed (when I put my computer to sleep and could only hear the keyboard) that when the lights are on, the keyboard is emitting a very high pitched whine-like noise. It sounds almost like this, but with a higher pitch and not as loud as the video makes it seem.: Questions: -Is this a normal occurrence for CTRL boards, or could I have received a defective one? -If you HAVE experienced it, how did you fix it? Also worth noting... My USB port should definitely be generating sufficient power. I've had multiple other RGB boards connected, and have never experienced this issue.

Jul 24, 2021
having the same problem with my Drop CTRL. Just noticed it recently though and have had the board for a few months. Super annoying
May 17, 2021
I have the same issue, it hums or buzzes with any color, even white (which is indeed pink). No cable and no powered usb hub solves it.
Mar 3, 2021
i've been using the alt version since 2019, and just have this problem lately. exactly same issue with you guys, coil whine sound no sound at white almost no sound at white and red almost no sound at moving red everything else whine so hard damn wished this didnt happen
Dec 1, 2020
Same issue here - it is rather unfortunate. As was said before, when the lights are set to white then the noise is minimal (still there though). To me, the noise is the worst when the lights are set to the cyan/salmon color, while just about every other color makes a buzzing similar to the video in the original post but just slightly lower in pitch.   I wonder if filling the empty space in the case with some sort of sound absorbing foam might help? Or maybe I just have to buy a usb hub like other people.. none of the usb ports on my pc seem to help.
Nov 14, 2020
I am having the same issue. Switching to many of the static colors and the gradient one causes an annoying high pitched whine. I tried plugging it into both to my monitor's powered usb hub and directly to the computer and it makes the whine in both cases. I tried different cables in both cases too. When I set the keyboard on static white there is no whine or at least it is beyond my hearing.
I recorded it and included it here. You can see the horizontal lines at very specific frequencies where the whine is. I think the sound is coming from the leds themselves. Also the white is not white, it is like pink. And don't tell me rgb leds cant give a good white because they dont have a white channel, plenty of rgb leds give a pretty good white and aren't this bad. I'm starting to think Drop went with some bad leds overall
Nov 13, 2020
I am experiencing the issue right now as well. seemed to suggest that the usb port which is connected might not be supplying enough power. I am using the Caldigit TS3 plus which is a powered TB3 hub and should be supplying 1.5A, 7.5W. How much power is needed by the board to function properly without noise and/or what is the cause of this issue?
Nov 27, 2020
It is most probably a power issue. I sent mine back and got a replacement, which had the exact same problem. How I got around this annoying buzzing noise is by having it directly plugged into my laptop rather than through a dongle/hub. Not sure if this always has been a problem or only with this recent batch.
Apr 9, 2021
Good idea - but I just tried unplugging mine from a hub and right into my mac with a short cable and same buzzing came back as soon as I plugged it in (since it defaults to the rainbow cycling mode). Rotating the effect back to all white makes it silent again. :(
Sep 29, 2020
I’m experiencing the same issue. The first few days of use with it being plugged in it was great. However, after these first few days I’m experiencing this very piercing high pitch sound. I tried plugging it into a USB hub which temporarily fixed the issue but after a day the noise came back. The noise is only noticeable when the lights are on in any colour other than white.