Ok, so if the reader keeps in mind I have been staring at these things for years, whilst being very busy, gaming a lot as well (ahewhewhewhew) and not necessarily diving in depth into the technical info. Why would I or wouldn't I purchase an onboard sound card (like the STX Xonar Essence v2.0) or another brand of external AMP/DAC mix (like the Creative X7 Limited Edition) or this THX 789 Linear amplifier? If you're not buying into my question/comment and are reading this adversely, I would like to point out it took me half a day to decide on the colours on my custom cables (which I ended up going with Ensourced out of Kentucky). Another point to round out my question would be... > If money was no object, what are you losing in a USB cable vs an internal sound card (and so on and so forth). I ask the questions that run up agains the "limit walls" so that I can find a mix of optimal/nominal purchases. I don't put them forth as anti-frugal, specifically. Any answers would be GREATLY appreciated and will remembered for a long time, even if they are inaccurate or super precise. Thank you, ALL.

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