First audiophile headphone recommendation needed:

First, my purpose is in-doors general music listening (most Pop, some classical), no gaming. My current experience is Sony MDR-v6 (need replacement due to damaged pad) and Sony wh-1000xm3 for full size, and Airpods pro and Audiosense T800 as IEM. I have a USB dac/amp Lotoo PAW s1 but can invest more if necessary. I am looking for inexpensive (sub $400, can be a little more) full-size headphone that can significantly WOW me with my current gigs. Is it possible or I am asking too much for my budget?

Oct 29, 2020
@wolfstar76 check out the E-MU Teak. It'll sound great even without any additional gear. As others have mentioned, the HD 6XX is outstanding, but it needs an amp and it's open back so it's less versatile.
Oct 5, 2020
HD 6xx, AKG 7xx, Grado labs has some crazy magic for some people (and for other people they are meh or ew), Audio-technica R70x (again, these have some magic for me personally), Meze audio 99's, Hifiman He4xx/He400 (Sundara if you can afford that)
Oct 4, 2020
Yeah the 6xx is a great place to start for headphones, then upgrade the pads. Start thinking about an amp [desktop] because the 6xx need power. Portable can do the job depending on your volume requirements but this is a Senn and Senns like power. Always try and do some homework as you move up into the higher categories of hobby... I have found the wiser you become the better your money is spent. Start reading headphone and headphone amp reviews. Oh yeah you can always buy a separate amp to connect to your player, portable or desktop. There is a guy on eBay selling a Fiio Alpen E17 around $44 open box, brand new all accessories included. It’s a portable amp good power and I can vouch for that portable. You wanna run full size cans on that E17 get something that don’t need a lot of power like a V-Moda. IEM will be just fine. Meze they have the cheap ones on Drop and they don’t seem like they need a lot of power.
Oct 2, 2020
Depends, I have the HD 6XX along with millions of others, and it is awesome at $220 usd. Highly recommended.