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Fishing Group

Would anybody be interested in a in a fishing group? We could have drops on fishing reels, rods and different baits. Thanks, please add this group!
Cole McReynolds, Dicky, and 49 others

I'm surprised Massdrop hasn't gotten on this one already. If I were them (hint!) I'd be looking at a maker of either higher end gear for a volume discount or makers of terminal tackle and baits for a gift box type deal. But either way - so long as it's fishing and not fishing knives (of which I own a collection that will already significantly outlive me), I'm in!
For sure
I, too, would like to see more fishing gear. In fact, about a week ago I decided to purchase the Tenkara kit that I had seen the previous day and the drop was closed due to reaching the subscription limit. I think it would serve us best for Massdrop to ALWAYS publish the subscription limit, not just mention that "supplies are limited". Everything in this life is limited!
Hell yes
Ive been fishing since I was wee off the coast of ireland. I'd love a sub-section dedicated to it. However, fishing is a skill that only needs a knife and a piece of rope. I'd be happy to give suggestions like flash fishing, but I and many others stick to the tradition of as little gear as possible. And theres not much profit in that.
Besides, if you're rocking some high-tech rod with super-flies and radar/whatever then you might as well just throw a stick of dynamite in there. It'd be faster and just as difficult.
I would be interested, but note, I only fly fish, primarily trout.
Moved from Wisconsin to Colorado a while back. I used to fish all the time in wisconsin I grew up doing it, but out in colorado its a totally different game. A lot of the water is best fished with a fly rod, and a lot of my tackle is useless out here. I got a cheap fly rod, and a few flies but everything is so expensive. It would be really awesome to find some great deals on fishing gear so I could get back to a hobby I've really been missing.
Great idea!
Absolutely! I would love to have drops on some choice freshwater gear
Super interested! I do a lot of both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Particularly I can think of a lot of great drops for tackle (e.g 4oz sinkers and swivels often come in 100 packs, sabiki rigs often come en masse, etc). Also interested in plugs, rigs, etc