Creator Spotlight: Week of Oct 05, 2020

Wake me up when September ends and let me read the next edition of Creator Spotlights! Welcome to another edition of Creator Spotlights where I, your humble Drop liaison, scour the Internet for three pieces of mechanical keyboard content to share with you. We have reached two full months of these spotlights so a huge shoutout to all the readers, commenters, and thread savers.  So head out like a baby, and here’s today's content delivery!  ManOfInterests
I posted ManOfInterests and his “This Week In Keyboards” when this spotlight first started, but it’s apt to continue sharing the news from him. Since upping his production quality, ManOfInterests goes over a selection of keyboard releases, design announcements, and well...general news around this hobby. I haven’t found another channel going over keyboard news so if you want to stay up to date give him a follow.  The Verge
In headache inducing nostalgia, the Verge put together a music video composed of mechanical keyboard sounds. With no shortage of jump cuts, I definitely recognize a lot of keyboards from my childhood days. Can you name all the keyboards? @atxkb For our next Instagram page we have @atxkb who is a keyboard designer coming out of Austin, TX. It looks like their most recent project, the Moontower, has just finished shipping. You can see a few customer builds by following the Instagram page.  That’s it for this week’s curation. If you liked this thread, please give these creators a follow and a like on their video. If you have any recommendations on who we should curate for next week’s content please let me know in the comments section below.


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