Is Kann Cube my best bet here?

I’m about 1.5 years into this fetish hobby, and trying to learn and spend wisely. Started with a Meze 99 Classics and a Fiio Q1 MKii driven from my iphone and moved slowly on from there. Currently I have 3 listening situations: 1 (bedroom): the HE-4XX (fiio to Ocean Bravo to HE4xx) are a no go because it keeps my wife up + I’m getting to the point where I can hear the limitation of this setup. 2 (family room): I inherited a pair of Shahinian Arc 2 speakers and an acquaintance gave me a PS Audio PCA-2 preamp and HCA-2 power amp. The Shahinians are fantastic and I’m not prepared to start spending big bucks replacing the amps. 3 (travel, mostly while on planes and in hotel rooms): The combo of the Q1 MKii and Mezes is nice, but between connecting iphone to the DAC/AMP to headphones it can be a wired mess on a plane. I was considering a Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) streamer because I could run that to something like a THX 789 and power most headphones and I can run qobuz and tidal via an iphone app. Problem is, it would be a pain to move from the bedroom to the living room and would provide no use during travel. As such, I was considering the A&K Kann Cube to solve my 3 listening situations. 1 (bedroom): With the AK app, I could control tidal and qobuz wireless from my iphone (so no wire there), run my headphones in the bedroom straight from the Cube or eventually running it to a THX 789 (future purchase) and then to my wired headphones. 2 (family room): I could connect the Cube to the PCA-2, control Qobuz without wires from my iphone and get to hear the sound through the Shahinians. 3 (travel): I could leave the Cube in my backpack, run the software remotely from my iphone, and then listen wireless through the Drop Pandas (future purchase) via the Cube’s AptX HD. Please forgive my ignorance, but is there something big I’m missing? While the Cube is expensive, it seems to solve my situations for the least amount of overall coin and diminishes wires when appropriate such as with travel or controlling the on-board apps. What are the holes in my plan? Thanks for any advice. Best, Drew
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I own a Cube and am very happy with it here are some thoughts on your uses: 1) AK Connect is a DLNA/UPnP application, as such WiFi is needed for most of the functionality. So for travel you will need to control from the unit itself, not the phone app. 2) I do not believe Qobuz can be controlled remotely via the AK Connect app, it can be sideloaded and used on the device directly but you may need a different UPnP/DLNA app to control Qobuz remotely. Tidal, local files and any DLNA source on the network are available. I dropped my trial of Qobuz so I am unable to verify if adding that application to your phone makes the option available in AK Connect. 3) If you aren't going to be plugging hard to drive headphones into the Cube I think you are missing out on one of the big benefits of this device, it can power damn near anything. I use it with an HE6se and get decent results. My uses for the Cube: 1) It powers everything I have from IEM's to HE6se without running into OI mismatch or a lack of power. 2) I used to take it to the office and when travelling (pre-covid), now it's around the house use when not in my primary listening seats. 3) It's a streaming source for my HP amp's For your uses I would get a much cheaper DAP with DLNA capability for bedroom and portable use. Take the saved funds to buy a Cambridge Audio or Bluesound streamer for the home system. The Hibylink capable devices use a BT connection to a mobile devices for control, no WiFi needed. At the end of the day if you don't need 12 volts of power there are almost always cheaper options than the Cube. For me, it was the ONLY option.