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Exclusive Massdrop Colorway - REP Gaming Commander Deck Box

Hey everyone! This is an exciting time because I just got our samples in for the next round of voting on the REP Gaming Steel Deck Box. The poll is here:
All three options are below:
The one on the left is Carbide Black, it has a texture that feels a lot like truck bed liner but it's less coarse.
The center option is Silver Vein, it's silver and black and has a very nice texture to it.
The final option on the right is Copper Vein. It's difficult to tell but the box has the same texture as the Silver Vein but it has a deep copper tone to it. Though in the the images it looks like the Carbide Box, it is very different in both color and texture.
Please refer to the Macro images in the comments below for a better indication of what I mean.

After we see results from the poll ( we will put up a drop featuring the winning colorway! I can't wait to see which wins!
NanoMagnetics, MikeMD, and 2 others

Macro surface shots of the different colorways:
Silver Vein:
Copper Vein:

Carbide Black: