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[Video] Sept 2016 - BPW Sub 4 pounds


I know most folks/hikers here on Massdrop are not sub-2268 hikers, so just consider this some inspiration (or insanity on my part, your choice lol) but either way, I thought I would share a sub 4 pound setup I used on a recent hike.
The complete gear list is available at:
BPW: 1705 g / 3.76 lb
FSO: 4054 g / 8.94 lb (minus food/water)
I welcome any questions you might have.
Here is an ~11 minute video that shows my gear setup for the hike.

(fyi: i have five+ years experience of hiking with sub 5 pounds of gears, in nearly every type of weather condition, and have written about it for the entire time at - it is not something I think the average hiker should do, and firmly believe that the 'sweet spot' is around the 6.5 pound mark. and please, keep the sub 2268 criticism to a minimum, that is not what things are about here at massdrop/talk... let us not have this place turn into how things pretty much everywhere else have)
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John - Here is the problem - it is essentially 'false advertising' as the trip in question was in a locale where a lot of typical stuff/gear was not needed or required. You are essentially cowboy camping. So is there useful info here - yes. Should it be prefaced with - Oh by the way this isn't really a true gear list for 99% of any trips anyone will take ? also yes. It's like me saying I'm a 100g UL hiker cause I sleep on the beach w/only a bug net and a water filter. Hike your own hike, but be honest and above board in all things. Had you explained all that upfront w/out someone having to ask, your responses would have likely been much more positive. If you were on a hiking Go on the Trek and post that....
"please, keep the sub 2268 criticism to a minimum, that is not what things are about here at massdrop/talk... let us not have this place turn into how things pretty much everywhere else have" He says after posting a video that is titled "Sub 4 BPW."
So the key to getting a sub-5 lb. BPW is apparently to wear 4 lb. of gear and mark another 5.5 oz. as "consumable." Good to know. You're obviously UL but to call this sub-4 is pretty deceptive.
People on other sites seem to be criticizing you on the validity of your claims not sub 5 pound backpacking
Good thing I do not pay attention to, nor care, what others in the hiking world think, eh! Haters gonna hate.
That is a saying “haters will hate” l can’t speak on the emotional complexity of others, only for myself, and just as you critique gear, I have the responsibility to critique the information be presented to me. Being asked not to be critical by the person presenting the information, in my mind, sends up red flairs and a naturally want to investigate further. If I find myself skeptical of the information, which I do, I can assure you that it is not an emotional reponse but a logical one.
Someone messed up your subtitles when you say clipping it up
lol, youtube is always getting captions/subtitles on my videos horrifically wrong.
So no sleeping pad either?
@TTengineer -- Howdie. Nah, this was a hike through the Redwoods, so it was just a matter of finding a nice soft spot in the forest undergrowth. I almost took a TaR Z Seat with me. Had room in the pack for it. Probably should have. An extra 60 grams for the added padding would have been nice, but was lucky enough to find some soft ground without any roots each night.
Also, not sure what you mean by "either". If you posted above asking about something else, I do not see your previous post asking why something else you thought might/should be in my gear list, yet was not.
Hey everybody, looks like MD listed this post within their mailing list. So, thanks to the folks at MD.
I will try my best to answer everything that has come up so far in the comments.
@Matthias_Lambert -- Thank you sir! I very much understand the issue of photography equipment. A few times a year I will do a photoshoot for different companies that I represent (sponsored by), and those poor guys lugging around all their gear when I am out there with a setup like this, just makes me feel bad. (and yeah, most of the time I help them lol). Usually twice a year I will help media companies (non sponsored) that want to go into the backwoods of where I live (redwoods, nor california) and those guys with all their big video equipment... they are lugging around, like 80p worth of gear. After the first year of helping those guys I quickly learned to screen them before I took them out... no more first-time-into-the-backwoods people allowed to go out there. lol. The vast majority of the year (probably 98% of the time) that I leave the house I do not even take a camera with me, so I rarely shoot photos. But I absolutely do understand the desire to have some camera equipment along with ya. There have been a few times when I would come across something and go "dang, wish I would have brought the extra x-ounces for my iphone, to snap a photo of this".
@gjolund -- Five pounds is 2.26kg, or, 2267.96 grams. The hiking community the last couple of years have been attacking the use of the terminology "sul/xul", so in a bit of mockery, I started using the term "sub 2268". I am the only person within the sub 5 pound world of hiking that uses this term, so that is probably why there are no google results for it - my apologies to you for the confusion.
@Beachlil -- yes, the world of sub 2268 hiking is all about "how much comfort do I *not* want to have". /shrugs/
@G-Deuce -- yes, I am understanding that more and more each year. Getting close to 43 here in a couple of months. The last 6+ years of ~200 days a year out on the trail are starting to beat me up pretty bad. Honestly, these sub-2268 trips are probably worse for me than the "sweet spot" these days, of 6 - 6.5 pounds, where a person can actually have a bit of comfort.
@Atmako -- thanks! Yes, this video was primarily done for my long time followers who know that I live in the Redwoods of Northern California, thus I did not address where it is that the hike was at. Day time temps in the 60's, night time temps in the 50's, pretty much around 350 days a year. I think we have the most consistent weather in the CONUS. I have owned three zpacks duplex tents so huge fan of them. The 8-12 pound mark is a great place to be at these days. Not too heavy, and not too uncomfortable, and very economical to reach.
@hookstep -- not sure I understand. I do not have a UD pack in this setup. I do own/use a Gen 1 and Gen 3 UD PB Vest and the Gen 1 AK Vest, but no UD pack in this setup. Only UD item in this setup is the Groove. Let me know what you are asking in a bit more specific way and I will be happy to answer what I can!
did the Zpacks duplex’s wear out quickly?
> did the Zpacks duplex’s wear out quickly?  Nope. I have had three different ones for three different reasons. Different fabrics, different features, upgrades, that kinda thing.
What do you do with the Ultimate Direction pack?
I tip my hat or beanie to you....I have a 10 day hike coming up and as always struggle to reduce my weight every trip....I'm not near your weight but I'm hiking out with pack that weighs around 12 w/o food or is fall and temps will be 50-60 highs and lows in the low 40's...I'm guessing your hiking out was out west in milder weather on the aforementioned hike....I have a Zpacks duo,HMG southwest backpack and Enlightened Equipment quilt 40 deg.and a piece of Tyvek for a ground cloth that comes in about 5 lbs,then add the usual suspects and it climbs to about 12....if I every give up a tent vs tarp and jet boil vs another system that would account for some change in weight....not ready to do that but do draw inspiration from those who can....the next change will likely be my cook many choices in the multiple fuel systems..happy trails
The more joints I repair and replace, the lighter I want to be. Thanks for the inspiration.
I'm unfamiliar with the term "sub 2268" and google wasn't very helpful. What does it mean?
"sub 2268" refers to 2286 grams or about 5 lbs.
Thanks, I've found that over the years I have naturally become an ultralight hiker by sheer virtue of being lazy.
Wow! I know I need a few more creature comforts, however, this has given me lots of food for thought!! Thanks!
I am envious of your ability to cut the weight. I cannot get out the door in the morning and make a decision on which lens to put on my camera body. So I take a 35lb bag with all of them and a tripod! Kudos and thanks for sharing.
Thank you for taking the time to post this for us! Great video!