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35% Keyboard?

What do you guys think? I am going for something different and i really really like it. Although the functionality isn't really there i won't have quick access to most of the functionality that i am used to i think it's all that you need for casual typing.

I will be building a custom board in the near future and this layout is a big contender. It will have led backlight because i can't live without it (Not gaudy RGB) But cool custom profiles bound to custom binds etc. More likely i will just go with something a little bit smaller than 60% but we will see, so feel free to suggest layouts.
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actually I think I would buy this my planck is getting a little big (I actually would buy this though) but how much would it cost?
I already have a Planck with I've thrown 260 dollars in to make perfect but I didn't do that I would totally buy this
Massdrop, I really believe this 35% mk would be a great GB. I know that I'm in for one if y'all decide to make this a realty!
how much would it cost, im hoping under $60 or $50 because most of the kb is gone
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Smaller PCB, more intricate traces. My plates for my latest <60% (kb45p) was the same price as my plates for my 87key. The only thing that I would agree scales is the number of switches/caps- and that's questionable, as, for example, finding caps for my kb45p I had to spend more on granite than if I'd been using a TKL.
Interesting, thanks for the schoolin'
With punctuation and BT, this would be just perfect for mobile phone texting. I'd absolutely get one.
i love it
Yeah maybe the arrow keys aside the spacebar are rather wasteful considering since the arrow key are not really important. That being said I'd but a 35% with RGB LEDs and Bluetooth., I'd rather not use a wire with such a tiny board. There are affordable li-ion cells to power the Bluetooth and RGB LEDs for much more than most keyboards out there, I mean most have 1000mAh cells while they could be easily be fitted with 3000mAh cells and have decent operating times, rather than disappointing RGB operating times.
Please sell me that 35%. I want it so bad!
I really want this
My biggest concern about this keyboard is the shortened home row so the right arm in touch-typing position has pinkie in the air. This also make this board attached to qwerty layout, Dvorak and Colemak use right pinkie for letters.
Workman as well, but we don't get any love anyway.
This is beyond functionality. It almost has a revolutionary meaning with it. I'll send a message in the next days wth some design ideas
I have a thing for small form factor boards, this really makes me miss my 60% board that i had to sell a few months ago, maybe when i have the money for another custom board i will go with a similar layout if this works out well for you.
Cool board. Where'd you get the acrylic and cuttings?
Where's your punctuation?
I'd definitely love to get one!
I'd buy one as well. I like the staggered layout
I'd buy one
this would be perfect for a mobile rasperry pi setup
Echoing what a some others have said: I think those up/down arrows next to the space bar could be used for a much better purpose. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see their value, especially in a board that needs optimum efficiency. It's a really awesome design though! I also feel like the right shift would get mis-pressed quite often. Nothing a little practice couldn't fix though. Might be worth a design consideration. Love the idea!
Those are raise/lower keys, to change the layout :) also there is no right shift on it. If you check the first link there is a layout. For example you hold lower to turn .,? Etc. into the arrow keys :)
Too small to be practical, unfortunately. Purely a novelty thing IMO.
No I use it as a normal keyboard, I haven't done any programming.
If this is programmable like a poker 3 I would love one. I think with programmability you don't lose functionality. I have my 60% poker programmed to simulate a 40% at the moment to see if I can drop more unneeded keys. I would drop the arrow keys and set up a function key to make the home row vim like navigation. I hate lifting my hands to get to the arrows. Putting navigation right under home feels nice. I think with multiple programmable layers this layout would be great.
Great design. If you MD or KS this, please ping me. If you add BLE/Battery to the design so it's portable, i would throw money at it.
Personally I'd remove the arrow keys and add other functionality perhaps. I think it's a nice concept, unique,
Where is the enter key? Personally, I would get rid of the arrow keys and move the windows button down to that area which would allow for an enter key and more room for a shift on the left side, mounted as the CTRL key, but double size; additionally, move the CTRL to the small place where the current shift resides. That way you keep functionality, it doesn't look so weird, and there is a large left shift button, because nobody uses a right shift.
I love that there's arrow keys squeezed into that tiny kb! Would love to buy something like this since I'm mostly just typing text. :)
looks like something I would have :D
You should check out the planck, it's my daily driver, at work and home, the learning curve is short and build quality is awsome
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There's some gap between "enough keys" and "not enough keys." I suspect that this, at just 37 keys, falls on the "not enough keys" side of the gap.
I expect that 26 keys (for the letters in English alphabet) are all needful; using chording to get there would be possible, but probably not wise. You need to have some keys usable to "switch layers" (in Planck/qmk terminology), as well, likely, as commonly used modifiers (e.g. - Shift, Alt, Ctrl). At least 5 keys for that, bringing us to 31. I don't imagine we get away without a Space bar, or without an Enter. That makes for 33. To type text, you need reasonable access to some punctuation. I'd think 2 punctuation keys, for dot and comma, are about enough. That eats up 35 keys.
With all that, there are 2 keys left to quibble over, perhaps Esc, perhaps an extra modifier/layer key. With 2 keys to quibble over, it's not ridiculous to think it can be usable. But it's pretty "at the bare edge."
I'll stay with my Planck with 48 keys :-)
I definitely get where you're coming from. I got in on the MiniVan R2; hopefully it's enough since I opted not to get the arrow keys.
Glad to hear the Planck is working for you. That's my plan B if the MiniVan doesn't work out.
This looks like a great bag board. For working on comps on the go.
Cool! Though a fullsize user like me could never get used to this.