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Leather travel bag

I'm in the process of looking for a new travel bag. I really like J.W. Hulme Co. for both there quality and craftsmanship but they have a steep price tag. I was wondering if there was any quality alternatives without the steep price tag or if we could get a mass drop for the small duffel bag since travel time is a couple months away!

I agree with you 100% cheap leather is a waste of time and investing in a waxed canvas travel bag would be much more economical. But the style and class of even just a simple quality leather bag is unmatchable and stands out from the rest. Many people wear quality leather shoes and with the proper care they can essentially last a lifetime with the exception of the soul. With a quality leather travel bag I would expect it to last me the rest of my life with the proper care. I'm expecting to pay anywhere from mabye $300 up to $500. If I was paying full retail I would expect to almost double those numbers.
A better idea of what you think is reasonable for price would be helpful. For me personally, cheap leather is never worth it and always ends up disappointing. There are some seriously heavy duty BIFL canvas type bags if you want to go that route before investing in leather. I always worry about rain and abrasion with travel bags.
Look at satchel and page
I'm really liking Customers Hide!
JWH is nice, but I agree the price is steep for what you get. If I were gonna spend that much, I'd spring for Frank Clegg.
At lower price points, you could check out Custom Hide and Chapman.