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What to buy and what to expect with Sennheiser HD 6XX?

Hi everyone i am new to audiophile and i would like to start being part of this community, I am unsure what to buy with HD 6XX it to insure maxim performance, i would like to know what amp & dac should i buy with it or if i need both, when i click on one it shows (2.5x Low,6.5 high ) and i dont know what dose that mean. Point that i want to know about
  1. Want a recommendation for headphone, not fixtated on buying HD 6XX if there is a better recommendation.
  2. What is amp, dac , and there is amp/dac ? and which do i need to buy.
  3. (2.5x Low,6.5 high ) what dose it mean? 220V 50 Hz in UAE.
  4. Best programs to use the headset with, and where to find music and recommendation.
  5. prefer the total is less then 1000$.
Thank you for reading.

Nov 20, 2020
  1. Hard to recommend without a baseline to gauge off. HD6XX makes for a good starting reference point though.
  2. DAC converts your digital files' data into analog audio signals that you can hear. A DAC is necessary if you want to hear anything at all (lots of devices like mobile phones, tablets/laptops etc have inbuilt DACs). An amplifier moves the transducer (iems, headphones, speakers whatever) by supplying current and voltage, and ensures that the signal from the DAC is output at the (ideally) optimal levels.
  3. 2.5x and 6.5x are, I assume, the gain levels of the Objective O2 amplifier. Gain has been likened to the gears of a car in an analogy I personally find helpful. Higher gain usually has higher noise and distortion comparatively to lower gain settings at similar audio levels, but can drive transducers beyond the clipping point of the low gain setting (have a higher clipping threshold). It isn't related to the power mains compatibility requirements.
  4. Hmm
  5. Depends on what you're after- delta sigma or step ladder DACs, and solid state or tube amplifiers. With that budget it may be possible to acquire decent setups of both though
Oct 31, 2020 You can start with this, it's portable and desk-able..
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