Recommended earbuds under fifty dollars

I need a new pair of earbuds for work and don't want to pay over $50.00. They need to be a comfortable secure fit since my job entails a lot of moving about, and I absolutely don't want bass heavy buds or IEMs. Ive been using Vjay over ears happily over winter but with summer approaching (in Australia anyway) I need something cooler. Soundmagic E10s seem well regarded but is there anything else to shortlist?



Apr 11, 2021
You could slum it with KZ's at any price, but I can personally attest to the quality of the ZSN Pro
Jan 14, 2021
Hi. I have a pair of Soundmagic and I think the sound is fantastic. (I’m not an audiophile but I like good sound.) However, given your specific needs: budget, good sound, comfort and use at work, I’d suggest you try Panasonic Ergofit 120. Here in Canada you can get them on sale for 10 bucks. They are very comfortable in ear and if something happens at work, or you lose them you’ve invested very little. 👍
Nov 1, 2020
Soundbeats under 30 definitely recommend
Jul 1, 2018
Tin Audio T2 Dual dynamic drivers, removable cables, neutral sounding, well reviewed, recent Massdrop...
Apr 11, 2021
+1 for T2’s. I’m a live sound mixer by profession and have 2 sets of ears each costing well in excess 1k, and whilst the T2’s would never replace either, I really like them for daily listening plleasure.
Apr 11, 2021
Another under-rated choice that has truly surprised me after trusting a couple of reviews...  The Nicehck NX7-Pro. These are a detail-monster and the 7-way IEMs with balanced cables shipped are just $100. These had some recommended burn-in however afterward I was sitting in front of the TV going through my FLAC collection… grinning. The bass has authority when called for and the sense of air is crisp and lays back when the recording calls for it. Case in point: Sting has a song where a Zippo lighter is the rhythm instrument on “It’s Probably Me.” As a former drummer, I was impressed! My main transport is a Fiio X-5 gen 3 from a few years back and balanced-out is the only way for me. If I had to do critical listening in a professional setting, these would be a simple go to. If not, a simply wonderful daily driver. Cheers!
Apr 2, 2018
Denon AH-C260.
They beat the daylights out of the Monks (which I personally hate for a plethora of reasons).
Accurate mids, tight bass, $20 on amazon.
Apr 1, 2018
A nod for the Fiio EX1s, which I think are better than most mentioned so far, and I've heard many of them. I have the first gen version, but I understand the second gen is far better and intend to pick up a pair next.
Jan 20, 2018
You should splurge for the Shure SE 215's IMO.
Jan 14, 2018
My ears are on the smaller size and sony headphones work great for me. I am not to big on how the quality is. I used a couple of different Sony headphones in the past and the work for a long time. I also won’t say I am the best at not trying to break them very easily. The Sony headphones work amazing for my uses. i am sorry I don’t know the name of them.
Jan 13, 2018
Spend$10 more and get the massdrop x nuforce EDCs they're well worth it
Dec 23, 2017
Thanks to all for your comments, I've been happily using the Monks, and still can't believe how good they are for the money. Have been trying out a friends Samsung s8 phone and the "tuned by AKG" earbuds that came with it. The phone is stellar, but I just can't work out what the fuss about the bundled earbuds is. Used the Monks on the phone and the difference was phenominal, just so much better. Are there any classic style earbuds better than the Monks? Pity there seem to be hardly any options in a classic style, my ears really don't get on with canal types at all.
Jul 2, 2018
Sorry I don't share the sentiment; uncomfortable, mediocre sound for $5 just means you wasted $5 or need to get $15 more dollars...
I own three different sets of IEMs that I would 100% take over my Monk Plus espresso edition (currently $25 on amazon), and they were all less than 25 dollars (some considerably so).
Denon AH-C260 Anker Sound curve Bluetooth LG Quad Beat 2
In my opinion they all sound better than the Monks, and I can wear them for hours longer than the monks without feeling like my outer ears have been pillaged by marauding vikings.
Jul 2, 2018
Its okay if we dont agree if Monk+ is worth 5 dollars or not, our ears are different.
But 5 dollars is 5 dollars. I am okay with it.
What I cant bear is VE Clan selling half baked product and not standing behind their product.
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Jun 15, 2021