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Budget Amp/DAC for K7XX

I've looked at the 02 amp as well as schiit products, but does anyone have any recommendations for a budget amp/dac/combo for the AKG K7XX? Maybe products that show up on Massdrop from time to time? Trying to stay under $250 for the combo or less (if possible)

If you're looking for something that's excellent quality for a very economical price the Schiit Fulla is a great option for $79 on their website. If you Spend a little more you can pick up the Micca OriGen+ for around $110 on Amazon which is another great DAC/amp combo. Closer to the top of your price range at $200 you can pick up the schiit modi and magni 2 (keep in mind that you will have to buy your own RCA and USB cables). I personally have been have been using the modi 2 uber and Vali 2 for daily listening and haven't had any issues with build quality or sound quality and I doubt that'll be any different for the modi and magni 2 or Fulla. My Schiit stack has had no trouble driving all of my high impedance and planar magnetic headphones even on low gain. I hope this helps you in your search for a budget DAC/ amp.
Micca Origen+ if you're looking for a more compact solution. I like the Schiit stack though.
I originally got the DACport. It worked great, until the headphone jack broke 3 months in. (I was very gentle) Massdrop couldn't source a replacement so sent me a refund. I immediately purchased the Modi/Magni 2 combo. It feels significantly sturdier, and the amp has more power and headroom for future use.
I think that the TEAC UD301 that is being dropped right now, would work out pretty well for you.
Sennheiser doesn't make the K7XX, but I'll still second the CEntrance DACPort Slim. If I had the choice between it and the O2+ODAC combo I'd take the O2+ODAC so I have more room to expand though.
Oops! Totally didn't notice that slip up, thanks! and thanks for the input.
The CEntrance DACport Slim sold on here ain't a bad option.