Sep 27, 201652 views

Need suggestions on standalone AMP's.

  • I am going with 2 Stand-alone amps from 1 Stand-alone DAC.
  • Using it to power HD 600's or HD 650's
  • 1/4" Headphone Out
  • RCA In
  • Less than $250.00 CAD
I will be powering either HD 600's or HD 650's depending which is cheaper on Black Friday. The DAC I am going to be using is the SMSL Sanskrit 24/196, I am set with this DAC and won't be switching from it.
I am pretty flexible with the Amps as it currently stands, and would like suggestions. I am looking to get 2 Amps, 1 Solid-state and 1 Tube. Currently thinking I will pickup The Dark Voice Tube amp, and the SMSL sAp ii.
Please make recommendations that meet my needs.

Objective 2 amp (take your pick on manuf.) for solid state. Dark Voice 336 for tube.