Sep 28, 201653 views

Need the ATH-M50X

Everyone is asking the ATH-M50X. Will it be dropped?

To add, there isn't enough incentive to purchase these on MD. Can't achieve a good discount on headphones AT has no trouble selling through other vendors.
M50x will be on sale on BF for sure, and we'll probably see another round of open boxes eventually for <$70 a pop ($50 happened earlier this year, in fact). Yes, I'm aware that not every location has the same level of availability and some would sell through MD for sure. Just don't think it's worthy of a group buy slot. Personally, I'd rather not have people buy them then be disappointed (or worse, think it's acceptable because it's their first pair of cans). Only pair of headphones I own which physically hurts to listen to after a bit, and can't even justify modding for better sound. Really strange since I like other AT headphones and did my best to break them in, haha.
What you need is to do some research and find something that doesn't suck for what you would pay for your M50X or less. You could at least do yourself the credit of looking for the M40X which, somehow, doesn't suck even though it's made by the same people.