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Hi. I'm new to the audiophile community. I received a very generous birthday present over a year ago of (1) a Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp, and (2) a Massdrop LCX + SDAC amp. I've figured out how to connect the power cables, successfully installed the tube, and connected the units to each other (with the tube hybrid amp "downstream." It looks like the community recommends Massdrop Sennheiser 660 headphones, which I'm about to order. 2 questions for the pros: (1) where does my music go into the chain? My friend told me that you can run music from your iPhone into the system but I don't see how. (2) I received a message that I have a $10 credit waiting in my inbox. How do I get to my inbox from the login screen? Any help from the pros is appreciated!
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Nov 23, 2020
Greets, I don’t have those parts and I might use a different web browser.. whilst I am on an iPad the old internet adage YMMV (your mileage may vary) will be very liberally needed. ;-) A couple of things, again, all this from my mind with NO RESEARCH GIVEN (enjoy a spoon of salt with this ‘help’; I am just jumping in to ‘get the ball rolling’, most personalities happy to correct misleading advice.. should gain some traction!) For the digital out from iDevices, i think might require an Apple Camera Connection Kit. I think there will be an Apple adaptor that allows you to plug in a regular USB cable, which a USB DAC (or a part with a USB DAC in it) will be able to then use. Not being familiar with the parts you are using, other methods to sound out of an apple product might be using bluetooth. I have used quite a few parts that will take a bluetooth signal and then pass digital out (and hence have never bought the Apple Camera Connection kit, even though I really do WANT one). If you go the ‘bluetooth out’ method, just make sure your bluetooth receiver supports AAC as a codec (it will save the sound be decoded and reencoded another time, which is going to ultimately trash sound further than just bluetooth alone (itself a lossy way of handling music). If you are playing with non hi res audio files, bluetooth methods might be viable, but for the class of equipment and the type of headphones you are presently looking at, it makes sense to keep things high quality, and cabled methods are always preferable in my eyes. Login? Um.. I’d click the ‘login’ option, perhaps in the top right corner of the webbrowser. Being on an iDevice, you may already be ‘logged in’ when you come to the Drop webpage, in which case you would be touching or ‘clicking’ on the the little picture representing ‘you’ in the top right corner of the webbrowser (if linked with your google account), which, given this post has a pic for your avatar (also your child, as is mine, is my guess).. That should take you to a page or a drop down menu that should allow ‘further down the rabbit hole’ to mails/posts you have received. Otherwise the bell icon next to the avatar in the top right corner of your webpage.. (might even have a red “1” one it) should be letting you know of posts you may wish to respond to, or +1s (like I am going to give you) that you have received for posting a very human comment that I bet others might be wondering as well. (you know when the kid in class asks a question they might think is dumb, but twenty other kids sigh a relief knowing it is about to be answered in the detail they seek).. _________setup You are right that the setup required a little thought. It sounds like two of the parts have amplifiers (one valve, often a sort after sound, and certainly a sound closer to what good amps can offer at higher pricepoints, and the other a solid state amp with a DAC) (I could be wrong, again I did NO research and so I hope I do not add confusion or spread misinformation).. so your setup is a little unique and a few people might get caught out. You are right: Source (iPhone with Camera connection kit(?) to USB cable)=>DAC=>headphone amp (your ‘other amp with the valve in it)=> headphones. Most experienced with setting up hifi would check each stage as they go along.. so perhaps iphone to DAC (and plug headphone into that AMP to make sure sound is happening/you have correctly selected the right input (USB) on the first part of your chain, and then use the headphones from the valve headphone amplifier (likely fed from the line out on your DAC). I think you have a wonderful setup. I would use the first box DAC and amp, when having small listening sessions (ie not enough time for the valve to warm up /or times when musical qualities are not needed eg audio books podcasts/youtube etc) and then use the valve headphone amplifier for times when you have the time for it to warm up (get its fullest sound/deepest soundstage etc) and wish to listen to a few albums etc. Much happy listening, I hope this reply is timely and you have been recognised for the community memberness that you have brought to (it is a great web community, literally my favorite from every one I have every experienced on the internet, which is MANY). Welcome to Drop (+1 kudos)