Many, many years ago, when I purchased my first real tower pc, I had a revelation. The salesperson said something to me I will never forget. And yes, my Mother was there with me. After the purchase I was a bit confused. I was so new to this world that I would eventually work in. After he made the sale and the commission, he said, " Now you have a really great computer!" I replied, "Yes, but what to really do with it?" He replied "Go get yourself some great software and enjoy it!" A simple reference that I believe we all tend to forget. The hardware can be sourced from virtually anywhere with so many options today. Yet I think we sometimes forget that the software plays an equally important role. I have learned this over the years. My Love affair was rekindled with my 2019 Macbook Pro. It, or I should say Apple, has really opened my eyes to this. I'm having a blast!

Nov 20, 2020
I use to sell, make and instruct computers in the begining years of home computers. The degree of ignorant salesmen was horrible. It did not start out that way. In the very begining most stores were run by people with a long history as a hobbyists. They knew the computers inside and out. However they knew nothing about sales. It did not take long before the salesmen took over with maybe one person knowing something. Nevertheless the product and software started to meld into a consumer product. Clubs started where us old timers could bring a new generation of hobbyists along. Even today you will find a mix of people who sell with a scattering of people who can answer the complex questions. I love it when I see the smile of the expert when he or she find I'm not a noob and someone they can talk computers and games with. Sadly we are dying off. There are few left to talk over cracking schemes that required adjusting the speed of the floppy drive with a screwdriver until you get the bite count right. No one that can tell you that the key bite to change to break into an Apple IIe or cringe when talking about paying $750 for a 16k memory board. I far more enjoy today's computers but misss challenge of the old days.
Nov 20, 2020
Exactly my thoughts.