Shipping Question from fellow Canadians.
Hi all, So, I'm just wondering if there are any Canadians out there with experience ordering from Drop and related shipping charges, import fees/duties (because I'm sure you've been hit hard with them), delivery times, etc. I was looking to grab a pair of headphones between the $400-$500 US price point, but I'm extremely hesitant given my past experience with ordering anything from the US and how a lot of the big couriers slap on huge Brokerage fees on top of everything else. What was it like for you guys? Is it worth it? Thanks in advance.
thumb_upTimothy Willcocks

Nov 25, 2020
I am in Ontario. I have ordered several headphones. The most recent being the HE5XX that arrived in about a week. I did have difficulty with my first order where they had issue with the address but no one ever told me. they sorted it out. been smooth since. tracking info was good. I am a cautious person and feel fine dealing with their shipping.
Nov 25, 2020
What did you end up paying for shipping, and worse, what did you pay for Import Fees/Duties and Brokerage? I spoke to a Drop rep a while back and they said they don't allow customers to choose what courier they use, so that means being stuck with companies like UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc, who are notorious for charging absurd Brokerage fees ontop of import fees/duties. I try to avoid ordering from the USA whenever possible, and when I do, I make sure they ship with USPS. Sure, it's usually a lot slower in regards to delivery time, but the shipping cost is usually much cheaper and out of all the times I've used them, I've practically never been hit with those massive extra fees. Let's not even mention how terrible the CAD to USD exchange rate is, which just makes it usually not worth it.
Nov 23, 2020
I'm in the US so I know I'm not being too helpful here but if my experience so far is how shipping is to people within the United States, then have fun getting your stuff shipped to Canada. Estimated delivery time was 4-7 days to me and I'm approaching 3 weeks without any item, no tracking number, and no responses from customer support so I don't know how well that'd go for you.