Can someone help me customize a Drop ENTR keyboard?

I'm a huge 87-key (TKL) mechanical fan, and have been super happy with my Havit KB390L. However, I'm learning Russian and I basically can't get this keyboard w/ the Russian keycaps. So, I'm thinking that the Drop ENTR will fit the bill. What I don't know is if I can customize it with low-throw clicky keys. Seems I can get it with clicky Halo Trues, but I don't know if these are low-throw switches or if I can do that at all. Next, I need the Russian letters (and English if possible). I need help! And thanks in advance.

Even if you wanted to desolder and use low profile switches. The low profile switches arent compatible. The ENTR uses Cherry MX and MX clones
The Drop ENTR is not hot swappable