#QWhereTY? Do you read us, Massdrop? And the Roccat Suora Keyboard

Question- Where? Thank You.
Recent recipients of the first Roccat Suora drop did not receive the advertised product in full, which appears to be quite a widespread issue. This issue is compounded by the total lack of communication from Massdrop (despite having launched the drop once more, recently), which I find surprising given how Massdrop is supposed to be renowned for engaging it's community members.

Many first-time customers, including myself are "irked", to say the least. I will be much more skeptical when keeping an eye on the site in the future, and will not return if this issue is, not addressed- a sadly not uncommon tactic among corporation that reeks of cowardice- and will be warning people about Massdrop from now on.
Where is the communication?
Where is the product?

The actual product

EDIT: Semi-crucial info
The keyboard software, which is not required to run while in operation, causes massive lag in at least one game- Rocket League, so bear this in mind if you are experiencing lag- particularly rubber banding with no latency spikes, in any games after installing the software

The keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard that I've owned, but not the first that I've used- it is very nice to use and I personally prefer the aesthetic to the flashy gaming keyboards I have seen, though that is a very subjective point, and initially what drew me to the device.
When the LED' are set to the lowest light level the keys give off a painted look as opposed to the IMO unnecessary flashy blue LED's. Unfortunately the "Game Mode" key and "X Lock" keys don't abide by the same rules as the rest of the keys and light with full brightness all the time. The software took some getting used to, much like all software for these kinds of peripherals, but it is functional and gives me enough power that I am happy with it. All keys can be rebound except for the notable and unfortunate exception of alt and OS keys, though I'm sure that can be arranged with third party software.


The TTC brown switches feel remarkably similar (a design feature) to Cherry MX Brown's- though I haven't used many and don't have a MXB keyboard for direct comparison. Expect what you would expect to feel and hear in an less-O-ring(also notable- no O-rings included) Cherry MX Brown keyboard. The TTC switches are compatible with Cherry MX series keycaps, which I found after some extensive googling, and the board also appears to be of standard layout, though I may be wrong. Once again, I'm new at this :)

So in summary, it is a very nice keyboard that I appreciate as a first-timer, I would only warn all users to wait and see if Massdrop addresses this issue.

Nov 25, 2016
Awesome!my stuff attic arrived!
Hey InitialEyes, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. This looks like a Tech drop and we are following up with the Tech team internally to see what is happening with the previous drop.
We have escalated this issue. Please give us till tomorrow afternoon Pacific Time to collect information and get back to everyone in the drop. We'll make sure to make this right by everyone.
Oct 5, 2016
Thanks so much Kunal, I really appreciate this and hope the issue doesn't manage to slip through next time :)