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Which currently available drop headphones has the most bass?

I currently own the Sennheiser 6xx and a Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. The 6xx is definitely lacking in bass, but the 770 isn't too bad. I still want more though. Can anyone recommend a pair of basshead headphones? and is it possible to get what I want for under $300, or am I gonna have to shell out closer to a grand? I hear planar magnetics are supposed to be pretty amazing, but I've yet to try any. Drop seems to have several planar headphones currently, and I'm wondering if any of these might be what I'm looking for? If you don't think I'll find what I'm looking for on this site, I'm open to suggestions for whatever.

Dec 6, 2020
If youve got a decent amp already, I recommend something like the Fostex T20RP. They need a pad swap and a comfort strap, but even if you went premium on both, the total cost shouldn't be much more than like $230ish. If you don't have a decent amp tho, they might slack a bit.
Dec 5, 2020
If you want to listen to the headphones without using an equalizer, there are a few headphones that have a touch more bass, but I find myself using the bass boost on my dac or a dac with an eq most often. The Meze 99 headphones sound great and are particularly warm, as are the emu purple hearts . You could always go pretty intense and get a pair of skullcandy crushers as well. The Crusher evo actually has a decent sound and if that ain't enough bass for ya... lol.
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