Mechanical Keyboards Community Announcements (December 2020)

Greetings Mech Keys Community,   We're now in the thick of the holiday season and wanted to reach out with some exciting updates for you since our last update. Before we jump into things, we want to thank everyone for the patience they've had for the past eight months while we've navigated some delicate logistics and tricky situations. Your continued support and patronage has enabled us to push forward with dozens of initiatives that we think really propel the community and help it grow. So here goes...   Always Open Preorders We've been consistently adding more products to our "always open pre-order" list and the response has been very positive. By allowing people to order products at their convenience with delivery when production allows, we're removing one of the big barriers to joining the mechanical keyboard community. We'll be expanding this program to nearly all products in the coming months.  For those of you requesting those sought-after SP and GMK keycaps, expect to see something soon!   Drop Studio Artisan Keycaps Artisan keycaps are amazing, they’re a unique artistic medium that evolved from this community, and we’ve worked to increase the recognition of Artisan keycaps for many years.    To meet the expanding demand and bring more people into the MK community, we’ve inked IP licensing deals for several of the most recognized fictional universes. We’re collaborating with various artisans, designers, and manufacturers to create artisans that are exciting for MK enthusiasts and movie-goers alike.    The first series is coming soon. We’ll share more details in a separate post, but here’s a hint: These keys are for only the most worthy heroes. Quantities will be limited.     Streamcaps Last year we raised over $50,000 for #teamtrees with our Treecap: Keycaps for Charity program. This year we're aiming higher with a program called Streamcaps that we've devised with our charity partner St Jude Children's Research Hospital. We’ve worked with 12 different streamers from around the country to create 12 one-of-a-kind keycaps that are inspired by their own communities.  Streamcaps will be available starting December 8th and all proceeds go to St. Jude; read more about them here.   Pre-Order Updates Thread Going forward, all fulfillment updates will be posted and discussed in a single consolidated thread instead of having them live on each product page discussion. This makes one place to check for all your pre-order updates, and product page discussions can focus on the product.     Drop Carina Launched in July 2020 and now shipping, this is one of the fastest products we've ever designed and brought to market! We've packed a bunch of "Drop Firsts" into this product- a gorgeous acrylic case, 5-pin hotswap sockets, a tight 60-key layout and interchangeable multi-material plates (brass, aluminum and copper). Orders just started shipping and we can't wait to hear/see all the reviews from the early adopters. MT3 Madness
MT3 Black on White and MT3 White on Black have launched with rave reviews. As mentioned in the past, the quest to build amazing MT3 keycap tooling was a 2 year journey and we're so happy to have gotten it to the finish line with the Susuwatari keycap set.   We’re excited to have just released MT3 Jukebox and MT3 Camillo in stock, with MT3 Dasher on the way! We're planning for many more beautiful doubleshot colorways to be released in 2021.  If PBT dye-sub is your preference, check out MT3 Extended 2048 designed by biip.   CTRL and ALT PCBs As a follow up to the release of our CTRL and ALT custom anodized case colors, we’ve just released standalone PCBs for both platforms. You can now build your own “barebones” setup by ordering a colored case, diffuser, PCB, and stabilizers.   Signature Series Keyboards In the past two months we released three Signature Series keyboards (read more about their inception here), and we just added a fourth keyboard named Flux to the collection.  Initial feedback around this collection has been overwhelmingly positive and we're taking steps to follow this up with more prebuilt semi-custom keyboards to be released in 2021.   In closing…  2020 has been an amazing year for Mechanical Keyboards at and we’re thankful to the community for all the support that you’ve shown us.  We’ve already got a very busy release schedule for 2021 and are excited to reveal our plans in the very near future!

Jan 4, 2021
Numpad Hype Train intesifies!
Dec 19, 2020
Any chance we'll hear an update on software soon? There was mention of QMK configuration updates that would add new functionality and lighting to the Drop family (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc).
Dec 15, 2020
Great summary on 2020. Looks like a ton of jobs done!
Dec 15, 2020
Where's the software?
Dec 11, 2020
Please, please, please do a round of Milkshakes! There's substantial interest both inside and outside the community.
Dec 8, 2020
Would be great if you guys offered some kind of snazzification options for those of us with existing CTRL/ALT keyboards, such as:
  • replacements for the acrylic center slice, for those of us who don't use the RGB - I'm thinking polished stainless, brass, copper, and/or wood?
  • bespoke dampening foam for either the bottom of the case or with a sticky backing to adhere to the back of the integrated plate (big source of hum in the low-profile boards
  • better stabilizers - the included ones are pretty terrible, should be offered at least as an add-on option
Dec 8, 2020
just got mine typing on it now... this thing got heft on it hew!! >,< but didn't got the sleeve they promised.. I think coz my first package got stuck somewhere... :(
Dec 6, 2020
Please include more colevrak sets in the future! I'm interested in so many of these, especially the MT3 and DCP Pegaso but no colevrak support :(
More support for other kits in general is on the horizon.
Dec 6, 2020
I look forward to it!
Dec 5, 2020
I'm not going to repeat my earlier post, with its fulsome detail, but I would like to say that I still want a FN numpad that matches my high profile CTRL in style, capability/specs, and design. There's still time to give me an early Christmas present. (And I didn't say QMK in earlier post, but yeah, QMK.)
Dec 5, 2020
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