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My older brother is now officially in the rabbit hole! He fell in love with the Omega Speedmaster '57 Limited Edition and went and checked it out at an AD this past weekend. Needless to say, it's now sitting on his wrist, accompanying the huge smile on his face.

See below old (ironically) and new.

Compared to my Moonwatch (left, 311., the 1957 Trilogy version (right, 311. is a bit smaller--38.6 mm vs 42 mm--and has numerous features to pay perfect tribute to the watch that started the whole line. The dial is a warmer "tropical" black and really lends to the vintage feel when paired with the cream colored lume. Watches originally made in the 50's would typically look like this today as the dial and lume would patina after exposure to the sun. Today, the technology of materials and fabrication has progressed to the point that this does not happen to such dramatic lengths, so new colored lumes were made to emulate that effect.

The steel bezel and handset are also a throwback to the original Speedy; the '57 uses broad arrows and leaf subdials instead of the sticks on the current Moonwatch. The chronograph hand is simple steel and is unlumed, and the tachymeter bezel sports the dot above 90 instead of to the right. The case also is extremely faithful to the original, it lacks the crown guards and the more exaggerated curve in the lugs. The lug-to-lug of the two watches is the same; however, the steel bezel and the smaller diameter do make the '57 version look noticeably smaller on the wrist.

The dial's Speedmaster signature is in the original font, it omits the "Professional" text that was introduced in 1964, and the Omega logo is applied instead of painted. Legibility is a bit less clear because the contrast between black and steel/cream is less dramatic than the contrast between black/white. I also think the bracelet is extremely well made, and it feels actually a bit more comfortable than the one on the current Moonwatch.

Overall, both great watches that fulfill two different aesthetics, but I'm so glad he found something he loved and is now a member of the Speedy family.
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A really nice time piece. As an owner of Omega Speedmaster 38mm, that look really nice (the right one).
They did such an excellent job with all of the Trilogy. I'm torn between the reference your brother picked up and the First Omega in space, which I think combines the best of both worlds - a little smaller on the wrist than the Speedy Pro but has the look of the classic tool watch with the black and white.
In a perfect world I'd get the FOS and then the Railmaster Trilogy version and scratch both itches : - )
There's too many beautiful watches out there...
Nice watches and now you and your brother both have Speedys. Nice to be able to share horology with your brother. Congratulations to him on his purchase.
Also fitting that he got the reissue of the older brother to mine.
Awesome timepieces Vincent, Congrats!
Thank you! Only one of them is mine, already blessed to be able to get one of my grails but I'd be so lucky to own both.
At least it's already in the family... (-;