Good budget Amp/Dac for HE4xx

Waiting for my new HE4xx headphones and have been reading about the usefulness and/or need for a headphone amp. I'm new to audiophile headphones and want to get the best sound from my new purchase. Will be primarily using these at home connected to either my 2018 Mac mini or iPhone 12 and occasionally to my Denon AVR-687 receiver (but mostly to iPhone 12). So don't want to spend any more than $150 and preferably less. My music listening is eclectic, but heavy towards the Dead, reggae, blues, some jazz, classic rock, etc. After reading some reviews and suggestions, am considering the Schiit magni 3+, fiio e10k, Monoprice 111567, Topping E30 or L30, iFi Hip-Dac or the Topping NX4. I know the price range varies on all of these, but was wondering what you all think my suit me best—ease of connection is a factor as well—that is, if not connecting to a computer or receiver and just my iPhone, will I need extra cables, etc. And should I get hooked which might be best combined with a Dac down the road. thanks Jeff


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