Dec 11, 2020
what are the new pads??
Feb 3, 2021
Sorry for the late response. You were right, and it was a big change after the break period. Also, I changed the pads and the cable (balanced). Now I like it so much. I've listened to four different kinds of tubes, and there were mixed feelings. Cavalli Hybrid and x Duoo were great for my taste, nice color, a little bit bigger body, and space. Felix Echo and Darkvoice were too much and on top of that detail loss. Maybe some tube swap would help, but it was surprising that despite this 6xx is 300 Ohm, the weaker tubes were better amps for me.

Feb 3, 2021
Funny that you should post the same day I bought my first set of replacement pads (hybrid brainwavz). They should arrive in a few days. I bought them for a recent purchase of the EMU Bamboo, which I found very fatiguing and sibilant. As a cheap and easy mod, I cut a single ply of tissue paper and placed one between the driver and the ear pad and the other between the driver and the cup. Maybe it is the additional break-in (to the headphone or my ear) but this "mod" seems to have made a world of difference. I have only had a chance to listen to the 650 on my DarkVoice, i rolled my tubes awhile ago to the Sylvania tube after the OEM burned out. Maybe it is better, more tubie/more clear...I don't really have a strong opinion, however, I am realizing that different sound profiles are maybe more important than absolute clarity, diversity is my endgame... anyway, happy listening.