Displaying Extra Keyboards

I am now (well, have been for a while... but only now am admitting it) at the point where I have too many keyboards for use. I cycle through them, but that doesn't happen as much as it should. But I can't bring myself to sell any.
After seeing the post by @livingspeedbump about his space (, and how he displays his keyboards, that seems like it might be a good way to keep them onhand, visible, and not feel so bad about it since they're adding to the decor.
I purchased a rack for display:
And It's really nice. (Not a current picture- that was just a test when I first received it) But it doesn't scale, very well- especially as I've been unable to get myself to stop buying keyboards.
Anyone have any unique ways that they display/store their keyboards?

Oct 17, 2016
I still haven't figured out what I want to build but this is a good inspiration: However I would want them closer together, angled down, and I'm gonna need a lot more shelves.
Oct 17, 2016
That's really cool!
Oct 17, 2016
The mk world is so small, german "engineering" for the win. Those modified Cherry G80 1800 are nice, have a look and imagine there had been a time when tkl was hardly given. I know, hard to believe nowadays :)
Oct 17, 2016
I'm sorry, but that place might need some cleaning :D Including one of the beloved keyboards :']
Oct 17, 2016
You could store them at my house...I'll keep them always warm in my typing hand. I know that if have money and/or located in US I would have more than one(At max 3, cause I would like to have a topre to be already prepared for a work environment and one with gateron clears just feel the smoothiness). Seriously, I ordered one Saturday(shipped today) as my first mech and it was a very difficult choice because if I get taxed it will rise the total cost to 180USD. I don't know if I get angry, happy or anxious with this whole situation haha. Good luck with that problem man, just dont break any boards that everything will be fine.
Oct 17, 2016
I just realized, I didn't add the link for that stand I have shown above:
It's only $14.99- requires a bit of assembly, but it's easy enough, and pretty sturdy once you've put it together.
Oct 17, 2016
What I really need is something like pic related for storage. Otherwise, my keyboards are just stacked in boxes inside a linen closet.
Oct 17, 2016

Here is what I have (photos made to simulate what a potato would see). Second one is two IKEA shelves, and they are held up on adjustable wire book stands.
Nice, this is the discussion I want to see! I'm currently at 5 keyboards with a MiniVan coming soon...
I'd say that 5 is definitely not a lot, but more than I can just keep on my desk at all times. Right now, they're all split up: 2 at the office, 1 at my desk at home, 2 chillin' in my room somewhere.
Oct 7, 2016
For me it is not a hobby at all. I try to find something useful, comfortable and durable in reasonable price product but it's probably impossible. :) Right now I have 5 standalone keyboards and still all of them are not perfect. And the worst part of all is that I can buy new PC for money spend on keyboards. :D Mechanical: – Pok3r - printing on keycaps not durable at all, printing wear is visible after few days of usage, incredibly small but uncomfortable arrows mapping, sadly I can't live without separated arrows keys, also firmware is closed and mapping can't be changed in 100% (it is not truly programmable)… – 2x Magicforce 68 – cheap but few key combinations doesn't work like it should (and this is undocumented, for me doesn't work for example control + fn + pg which should generate control+home - use in many text/code editors, also control + fn + esc resets keyboard to default instead generate tilda character) – for me definitely buggy firmware/controller or at least missing info about this behavior in keyboard description. – Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid-I – few LED dead after less than a half year… after sending to service I get refund instead fixed keyboard or replacement (probably defective whole batch). Mebrane – Microsoft Ergonomic Sculpt – is not mechanical (less durable), stupid switch for function/media keys. Missing caps-lock and baterry status LED. – Logitech K360 – cheap, not mechanical (less durable), poor key mechanism (missing reasonable key stabilization like in older Logitech Ultra Flat X which was my favorite keyboard for long time – scissor mechanism is probably best option in membrane keyboard). Unifying receiver is the best part of this product. – Logitech Ultra Flat-X – all throwed into trash because membrane ends it's life. My favorite keyboard for long time, sadly discontinued. Perfect keys stabilization, nice and smooth keys movement, durable membrane. Mostly disappointing in mechanical keyboards for me it's that I get not really durable and high quality product as I expected for this price point. For previous many years I use cheap membrane keyboards for less than $30 and it just forks for 4-5 years without any single failure or even key cap printing wear.
I like it. Looks good and it's simple.
I think we all aspire to have a room as cool as @livingspeedbump though
Oct 7, 2016
I think if I get to that point I'm seriously going to consider buying a glass display case. Although having many keyboards is fine, I can't possibly be bothered to clean them if they all accumulate noticeable amounts of dust!
Oct 17, 2016
I can relate, if I'm not using the keyboard, it's wrapped and in box in hopes for minimum dust. Although cleaning keyboard or any electronic is a very satisfying feeling aftward. For maybe a day or so. Lol