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Anyone else interested in a work clothes community?

Stuff like steel toe work boots, high quality work gloves, work pants, shirts and jackets. I'm not sure how low someone like carhartt would go but there has to be other good brands willing to work with massdrop.
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I am a carpenter by trade building custom homes and I would love good deals on some outdoor high quality work clothes.
Sounds good to me. Work related items for men who actually do physical labor work outdoors. Where function is paramount to appearance.
So down, I did recently vote for some Danners and Redwings.
Remember--the Devil wears Carharrt!
This'd be great, especially if we can get some wide workboots (I'm a Redwing fan), or some of the European style workwear (ie: Tranemo or similar).
A must
I literally just put up a post about workboots. I would love to get a good deal on them.
yes , i love my hellihanson outer wear and long sleeve winter under armour , in the cold parts of canada , snow fighter . but i am interested in the light weight jackets, and also noise canceling ear bud/phones i can use for longest periods possible 12 hour use , for tunes as well as great communications with my customers while sitting in my skid steer loader . any thing that makes the day go by with out the head ache of over loud music and ear buzzing after i get home would be great and i believe one of the most fatiguing parts of the job . also always on the look out for strobe lighting and led lighting stuff that i can make my job safer and pimp my heavy equipment . and even tires and tire chains . i am also a avid mechanic and hobby welder , goes with the job i guess i like some products that also meet these demands as well , from tools to nuts and bolts ,or wenches . snap on /westward / grey. miller mig 252 / new holland skid steer ladders and attachments , i spend a lot of time in one and would love and spend a lot money keeping to tip top.
I would be all over this
sounds good
Count me in...
doubt it will ever happen. masssdrop's identity is niche and getting communities to commit to niche purchases at discount is the whole point - if you go mainstream there's going to be no motivation to offer anything to a massdrop deal.
That said, i'd love to see it. Knipex, Wiha, Wera, Stahlwille, Bahco, Gedore, Hazet, all them, plus some workwear stuff from the US that i don't recognise and isn't in fashion over here, but that i'd probably be tempted to try.
Hellyeah on the Knipex tools. Am a retired electrician that carried Knipex combopliers (linemans pliers) for 20+ years rather than Klein. Had all the capacities of the Kleins plus a few including lighter weight. They'd be a welcomed addition to Massdrop!
Work would be great. Tools and actual work outerwear, eg: not whatever the hell Patagonia was going for with their "work" line, is broad enough to get some traction.
I'm sure the likes of Redwing, MAC, Snap-on, Carhartt, et al. Would probably work something out with Massdrop.
For sure, with FR rated clothing and high end hand tools too! And everything else an electrician needs :D
Heyt !
For sure. Maybe make it work clothes/ combat apparel for military guys (like me) since they overlap a lot.
I'd include "duty" articles, like hardshell and softshell jackets and pants that are rated at 20.000 mm water resistance or higher, gore-tex stuff preferably. Also tools... not just multi-tools. Like box-sets of high-quality tools for cars, computers, etc.
I agree with the broad "Work" category, if I could get some more pants from Duluth Trading without making my wallet cry it would be worth it.
Ya I'd love to get some duluth too but living in canada makes them a good bit pricy.
How about just a "Utility" category? Things where the function is more important than the form/appearance. That way it goes beyond a work subsection of fashion. I definitely would like a drop on some new steel toes, but I'd really love to see some good hand tools or hand tool sets as drops.
Yes. The range and quality of work clothes in my country is appalling. I would also like to see an army surplus community.
Yes with the caveat that High Quality does not automatically mean it has to be made from the finest, rarest virgin leather sourced from an isolated remote village in Tibet so it will automatically cost 10X as much.
AKA a community geared more towards Carhartt, Dickies, Mechanix, Leatherman, etc. and not some niche market designer who once briefly talked to someone in a mechanical trade by accident.
If the thought of fixing something or getting dirty makes you shudder and wretch, then NO.
I wish there were a lot more communities. "Work" instead of just "Work Clothes" leaves it broad enough where there can be ample items without limiting it to just clothes. It could include tools, boots, clothes, safety equipment, etc.. Personally I would also like to see an "Outdoors" Community which is also broad enough to include anything for hunting, camping, fishing, and anything in between. I'm really wanting to get my hands on a Siberian 22 cooler but the closest I can get is everyday carry which doesn't really qualify as such. I also work in construction so it would be nice to see some work related items. We have "Mech Keys" "Quilting" and "RC Cars" which are very narrow communities IMHO. Wouldn't hurt to add some communities that cover specific relatedness but aren't too narrow to where it would be repetitive.
Would definitely be nice to see what is out there. I'm always in need of more durable pants and shorts.
I'd absolutely be interested assuming that it doesn't turn into the "Work Clothes" version of Men's Style with some a majority being ridiculously overpriced items.
Sorry but I can't justify the cost of 90% of the drops in Men's Style.
Id be very interested as I weld for Kinsley and always need boots, or a new sweatshirt. Go for it...
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I suppose just message massdrop about it, find their primary phone or email
makes sense i'll try it