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I was hoping to have a solid HiFi setup for FLAC and DSD listening with everyday use (conference calls + gaming) optionality. I was hoping to get a balanced setup that doesn't need to be upgraded for a long time (or ever!?) and I think DROP offers a lot of value in the following stack: DROP + MRSPEAKERS ETHER CX CLOSED HEADPHONES DROP + GRACE DESIGN STANDARD DAC BALANCED
IFI AUDIO ZEN DAC SIGNATURE DROP + THX AAA™ 789 LINEAR AMPLIFIER I plan to plug the DAC into my DS1621+ and run an XLR to the amp, which should be on my desktop. Am I missing anything? It there a better value buy out there? I currently do not own any DSD files.
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Dec 17, 2020
Basically you are good, would recommend a decent well shielded USB cable in addition.
Dec 18, 2020
Do you think the one that comes in the box with the IFI AUDIO ZEN DAC SIGNATURE would be inadequate? I think I want this DAC as it's range of playback capability has MQA.
Dec 19, 2020
From iFi I’m sure it’s fine, to have. Pangea has a decent one: The nicest RCA set I have is from Oyaide, and they now have a somewhat budget palpable... ($3,034.00 / 100 g;) USB cable: I use an iFi Gemini with an LPS and Corning optical USB, why?... USB bites - isochronous in audio, an analog snake posing as digital. I want a new optical standard for audio, not slow Toshiba stuff from the 80’s, not my cobbled together rig, but what studios use, put the port in my DAC now...;) These folks make good cables, fair pricing for a great product. I had a custom one for my 300B amp remote capacitor bank made by them.