CTRL - right arrow key LED issue

Just got the CTRL board and I love it, but the right arrow key LED seems to be stuck on red or off (or alternating between them), depending on the LED pattern setting as indicated below. Is this something that can be fixed with a configuration, or is the switch somehow messed up? Thanks. 0. rainbow scroll - red scroll (rainbow scroll expected)
  1. rainbow - red (as expected)
  2. teal/salmon - red (salmon expected)
  3. yellow - red (yellow expected)
  4. red - red (as expected)
  5. green - off (green expected)
  6. blue - off (blue expected)
  7. white - red (white expected)
  8. white + red stripe scroll - red (white + red scroll expected)
  9. red stripe scroll - red scroll (as expected)
  10. off - off (as expected)


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