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A so called "GH60 RGB"

The story starts with my purchase of a 60% keyboard kit (PCB + case) labelled as "GH60 RGB" on the infamous Taobao.
The kit arrived swiftly as any other Taobao purchase and after several weeks, I finally had the time to assemble it. Since this is pre-equipped with per key RGB, the only real task was to solder the desired switches onto the PCB. I assembled the board with EnjoyPBT Photoshop keycap set ver. MAC which looked stunning at completion. During the assembling process, I noticed that *no where on the PCB did the name GH60 ever appear* but instead... the PCB was labelled with GXS60RGB. Put that aside, I must give credit to the RGB on this PCB, in short, it looked... amazing. These RGB had bright and saturated colors, when paired with RGB gateron switches (and a few zealios for heavier keys), it was simply beautiful.


After the hardware side was taken care of, I quickly began testing what it could do. The keyboard came with multiple preset modes for the RGB to switch into and also quite a few colors to rotate around if you do not want constant waves of colors blasting at you. However, I quickly discovered that the function keys did not work by using mainstream combination of "Fn + number key", but instead you need to hit "Fn + F" to switch 1 to = into F1 to 12 and hit the same combination again if you desire to go back to the regular number keys. This with the combination of right Alt and Fn arranged differently to the pok3r setup, I decided I had to flush the firmware... only then to realise my first issue with this keyboard... it is *non-programmable* (confirmed by the Taobao vendor after I contacted him... I should hit myself in the head for assuming GH60 means must be programmable). A real bummer when you consider how beautiful the RGBs are... but simply not much I can do here.
Some photos of the PCB by the vendor:


The second issue with this keyboard quickly came when I tried to plug it into my Macbook Pro. Although the Macbook was able to quickly guide me through a series of steps to setup a non-recognised keyboard, strangely everything worked except those RGB, which is the only reason why I would still use these even tho its not programmable. After some testing I was able to confirm all functions of the keyboard worked consistently, but those RGBs never came back to life while plugged into the Macbook. [Edit: it turns out that you need to hit caps lock to activate the keyboard lighting, doesn't make whole lot of sense nor is this written in the manual - actually there was no manual, but it works now.]


So... I am now staring at this... illegitimately claimed "GH60", surely all GH60 must be programmable as that is what custom keyboard and the GH spirit is all about. Perhaps those pretty RGBs were the reason why this PCB is not programmable. Or perhaps there are ways to program this keyboard via other methods? If you know anything about this GXS60RGB, Please drop a comment below!
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I only knew a Chinese keyboard seller named GSX. Never heard GXS before.
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Agree. But, maybe they need more keys to control extra light effects, or, the designer don't like the poker keymap.
What would make things easier is… if I could just buy those small rgb led strip and solder them onto more programmable keyboard myself. That way I get to have everything.
very nice
China is a magical place
I need to get those caps!
The only way they could be better is if they had the shortcuts for Sketch instead of PS.
The keycap set = mmm
The first dye-sub OSX set I've seen
They are gorgeous ~ the quality is definitely legit… but also at a price (fair price).
where do i get this keycaps? is it available for iso with nordic? in addition - where to buy this gh60 in europa?
I am not sure how you buy this set from EU... the brand is called EnjoyPBT, my understanding is that its a chinese brand, but so far the best I've seen from China. I am almost certain that it won't have ISO, nordic nor any child kit options... The set comes in 117 keys and there should be a MAC & Windows version tho.
http://falbatech.pl/ for GH60 in Europe
I'm gutted for you that this can't be programmed. I saw this for sale a few weeks back and wondered the same thing. Hopefully someone figures it out and adds QMK support. Does it have an Atmel chip on it?
I don't think its Atmel chip powered... I've other board that is Atmel and would've noticed... also top picture is a pretty accurate photo of the board... so yea, its not programmable~
This might solve that problem: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=69169
But it doesn't work with 100% of the keyboards, it works with Sprit60's, it doesn't work with most Varmilo's etc.
That's to bad, can't help about that RGB, but for programmability this might help, i love it.
https://geekhack.org/index.php?PHPSESSID=r3rfu5h6tuobe2uioo9lnl6ceogd43s4&topic=69169.0 https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=74708.0
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lol, luckily its not that bad. I only need to double tap it and the light will start to run~
That's good then. It would've been horrible if what I said was the case. haha