Real Audiophile Headphone Drop?

Is there going to be a real headphone contender in the Audiophile Community in the near future for a drop in Massdrop, like the new Focal Utopia, Stax SR-009, or even HiFiman HE-1000?
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Oct 20, 2016
To be completely, honest I don't see any likelyhood of a drop that Hi-Fi or expensive on here. Buyers aren't really purchasing such price headphone, so I doubt that they would sell them.
Then again there is always Ebay?
Oct 20, 2016
Would you consider the recent ZMF Vibro drop a real audiohile headphone?
Newest arrival better deal than the HiFiman HE-1000. The Mr. Speakers Ether Flow is even cheaper and sounds more balanced as in dynamics-neutrality, no harsh spikes (ie HD800). You can read the review on inner/fidelity at Retail - $1,799.00 / Drop-?
You should start a poll to see if there is interest, or significant interest in one over the other. Obviously the difficulty here is finding enough people who want the same product to make having a drop worth it. When it comes to uber high end equipment (for any community really) a lot of people that have the budget are fine just going straight through other sources even if it is more expensive than a drop may be.
It's mostly for people on a budget who appreciate the finer things in life to maybe get a once in a life opportunity to come close to experiencing that.
Oct 13, 2016
I'm with speed bump... unless the savings are significant, the likelihood that I could participate in a drop with little notice is pretty low. I'm about ready to buy a couple home theater subs. If I do, and the next day a $1000 headphone comes out here for $925 I'm still not going to be able to do anything.