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SF Audiophile/Mechanical Keyboards Small Meet - August 27th, 2016!

Hi Everyone!
Date: August 27th!! Time: 10am - 4pm
Combined with a small Mechanical Keyboards group for a fun cross-over meet!
  1. CEE TEE
  2. MikeMD
  3. Sweatylion
  4. Avarik
  5. eksuen
  6. iamlilysdad
  7. Packdemon
  8. ADuplito
  9. KyleK
  10. jaredf
  11. HiFiInsider
  12. Jedi
  13. nextmat
  14. kunalkumar
  15. jackparsons
  16. jxliu
DrMcobbel, YanboWu, and 4 others

Thank you to everyone who came out to spend time with us!
Thanks for organizing! It was fun.
Michael soldering his Octagon V2
Some live images for you guys.
Just checking to see if a time has been confirmed?
Hello! Yes, 10am-4pm! I'm picking up Jacob from the input club in San Jose and heading up early to get things ready. We'll have some food and refreshments too so that we can stick together and hang out. The building knows we will have a small event and will help you to get in. No validated parking, sorry about that.
Looking forward to getting to know our audiophile group and also a small Mech Keys group! I'll have the Fostex TH-X00 variations to compare and also some things in the office that I can set up for people to check out. Anything else that you would like to see, I can try to pull from the office. This will be more of a mini-meet and maybe the next one will be bigger.
@CEE_TEE so what's the 411? What time should we be there? How do we get in? Does MD validate parking? :D
Sadly I won't be here for this meetup :(
I'll be in traveling and checking on the production of our custom keyboards and getting more awesome stuff for everyone.
I signed myself up. >:D
Any news for the time of the event if it is confirmed? Also would it be okay if we brought one or two people along as well?
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I think it'd be fun. I'm just trying to see what I should bring. Maybe people can test drive some mechs while they wait for a turn on some audio equipment.
Yes, can bring along a person or two. :)
Cool, please add me.
I am in!
I'd love to attend, but the date conflicts with Burning Man. 😞
I'll have to pay attention to that next time. ;)
I'll be there next time. 👍
OMG, I'm on night shift yet again for a meet.
I'm late to the party but interested. :-)
Hey! You're not late to the party until <after> the 27th. ;)
Hi Everyone! Had a great time during the Head-Fi Meet at Wikia HQ here in SF. Did NOT get my fill.
Would like to hang out at the end of August on Saturday the 27th.
UPDATE: Yanbo Wu is available from Massdrop Mech Keys! Confirming now with Jacob of the Input Club to see if he is available, we thought it would be fun to do a small one with both communities. :)
Damned, where is Scotty when i need him. All the time i've to read about meet ups, sitting jealous in Germany :)
We'll ask for some pics and impressions. I get it. I have been soaking up pics from Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival in Tokyo for YEARS now. Keep hinting that I want to go next year...
@CEE_TEE let us know if this is set so I can confirm the travel dates. Frontier is running $38 each way vs Southwest at $55.
Hi Jedi, I happened to chat with Jacob Alexander of the Input Club on Friday and asked him about the idea of combining for a "smallish" Audiophile/Mechanical Keyboards meet up. He was game to help & attend if it worked out with his schedule. Need to check with Mech Keys this week for availability. I'll let you know this week when I can confirm either way. Hope the fares stay low!
I am interested as I can currently book a $66 round trip flight from LAS to SFO. Would you be willing to discuss this with Alex for a possible double up with the keyboard community?
Wow, I never thought of that. That might be the fun way to go. Thanks for that suggestion.
I tried out several keyboards when I started working here but then got side-tracked and still haven't settled on my perfect combo yet... There are 3 or 4 nice keyboards that I am looking at and Yanbo keeps putting new ones together that I want so I haven't been able to commit. ;)
I now understand why people have more than one kb just like I have (ahem) more than one pair of headphones. Hey, we use them every day so...
+1. I like that idea.
I'm interested.
Any movement on setting this up? I won't be able to do the 13th sadly but let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
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Hi Packdemon, I think 2-4 of us will be there from Massdrop. Wonder if I will give myself a mission to listen to certain things...because I just want to talk to people and catch up. Pretty sure I will try to do both. ;) If you see me, please say hello!
Then I'm sure you'll drop by my table to listen to certain custom made/modded things...because of course you'll want to talk ;) If I do see you, I will say hello. I believe that Will was the one who got to try my custom cans last meet, so hopefully he'll be there to try my updated inventory.
I could be down. I also have a venue if intersted.
I'm interested
I'd be interested in attending. I really liked the Head-Fi Meet at the Massdrop HQ back in November of last year. The overall atmosphere there was great. I've really learned a lot since then, and have made many new mods with improvements to all of my old ones. I'm really exited to show you guys what I have in store.
Both days work for me, but if I had to chose it would have to be the 13th.
Very interested. I went to the last local Head-Fi meet that was hosted at the Massdrop location in downtown SF. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for another one.
How about Atlanta? Any other Atlanteans out there?
I'd be interested in meeting up
There's a mech keys meetup this Saturday in Raleigh if you want to meet some keyboard nerds. All good peoples and some of them also love music and audio gear.
Ah, payodpanda. I can help.
The way to start getting people together is start an "Interest Check" thread with your area in the title. (In fact, I'll add SF and follow my own advice.) Later, we'll settle on a date and luckily I have Massdrop as the location.
You want to generate some interest and then suggest a date or two once you get enough people to make it worthwhile. When you have people and potential dates, find an available place with lots of power outlets, table space, quiet (unless you are having a portable meet up) and low/no cost to reserve.
This section is currently in Beta, so I'm not sure if everyone can start threads yet...Head-Fi will be a good place to check for North Carolinians who might drive across the state to be able to hear and talk gear.
Let me know if you want to start a thread here or try opening an account on
Here is their Local Meet section:
Here is somebody in Virginia that is willing to drive up to 3 hours to be able to meet, even in Northern North Carolina:
I'd love to help others start meets as someone gave me a friendly push to organize the first Bay Area Meet I ever attended. Then I organized another 4 of them. :)
Impressions Thread for the first meet I threw (2011):
I can show some of you around if you want to do a'll see how distracting it can be to work here with so many headphones around. ;)