Sony A6000 is it a "good camera" to start with?


Aug 3, 2019
Oct 13, 2016
The A6000 is well past a starter camera, it's an excellent APS-C camera with very fast auto-focus and incredible IQ. Sony finally has a solid set of lenses you can buy for it, everything from simple zooms to fast primes. There's also a great 3rd party market of Sony E mount lenses from Zeiss, Sigma, Rokinon. It's controls go from automatic to fully manual so you can learn and grow with this. Out of the box it's going to take great photos. 24mp is way more than enough megapixels and it shoots RAW which you'll eventually want if you get deep into digital photography. What you really need to do is compare it against it's close competitors in the APS-C and even micro 4/3rds world. I prefer to hold them all in my hand first to see how they fit, that's a big deal. Once you know which ones fit your hand it's really a wash if you're truly a beginner, you can learn and grow on any of these cameras. If you don't want to shop around then just buy this, aside from the sometimes convoluted Sony menus it's an awesome camera and will raise your game.
Oct 11, 2016
Good question! I actually bought the A6000 a few months back when we dropped it to get my feet wet with mirrorless cameras. I'd say it's definitely a solid starter camera because of the quality/features for the price point. It's suuuper small and lightweight and it's autofocus is pretty dang solid. My only gripes are that the body is almost too small for the size of my hands and I'm not as excited about the eyepiece/viewfinder being off-centered on the top, left corner of the body. But all in all, this camera is a good option if you want something quick and convenient to carry daily while still retaining mirrorless features/quality.