My new Drop Panda headphones do not seem to be detected by windows 10 computers, what should I do?

First, it does work for my phone, As soon as I went to bluetooth settings I saw the drop panda immediately without issue. Then came the time to make it work on PC. Since my previous headset was a Bose AE2 Soundlink, I previously already have a Bluetooth 4.0 (the 5.0 from the Panda is supposedly backward compatible to 4.0) adapter on my pc, and never had issue with the other headset, and it still works fine too. But for some reason My Pc is absolutely incapable of seeing the Panda by Bluetooth. It works fine when plugged through a cable tough, but that's not why I bought them for. I tried a lot of things, I unplugged the dongle, I set the Bluetooth service to automatic then restarted the service then the PC. I check the drivers but everything seems up to date. I tinkered around with various obscure google fixes for like 3 hours but nothing did the trick. Then I tried them on a Win10 Laptop and it cannot see them either... Would that mean that my headphones are defective? Should I return them? It works on my phone so at first I tought the PC was the problem but now i'm starting to doubt. Also when pressing on the right side I hear some king of ''popping'' plastic/metallic sound, its goes like tu-duk is that normal??

Jan 23, 2021
hey im experiencing the same issues, did you find any solution to that?>