IEM for gaming, positional accuracy

So I have a pair of p38x but my ears are very headphone unfriendly. After 30 mins I start to get annoyed by them cause my ears hit the driver covers which is very uncomfortable for me. I wish I could just get some deeper cup covers but I have not seen any. So I am in the market for a whole new experience and I don't know what I am looking at for an IEM with good positional accuracy or soundstage. I don't need all the base, I just want to know where stuff is at in the game. Thanks in advance!

Jan 20, 2021
The Senn standard pads are house tune, if you will. I have used different Dekoni ones on the HD580 & 600 with fine results, especially in comfort. Velour is best for long term use, I feel, and carries over the factory sound if desired. Next in line for my preference is the hybrid design; velour/fenestrated/smooth, comfort with a tad extra bass. They all will place your ear a nice extra distance outwards vs factory, from the inner headphone bits, pretty much preventing you from bottoming-out. Drop often has pad deals appearing here, and many of those are Dekoni, get a set;)