can you trust massdrop?

Oct 16, 2016
Yes, if you order something, you'll get it.
Since we're in the mech keys community, though, I will mention that you shouldn't trust the timelines for custom keyboards. I don't know where the problem comes from or whose fault it is, but both times I've joined drops for custom keyboards (Planck and Whitefox), they've arrived wildly behind schedule.
Having said that, I'd still join a drop for a custom board, but I wouldn't pay much attention to the delivery date.
Oct 15, 2016
Yes, you definitely can. I've ordered more than 20 products here, I got all of them and even more. Once I got 1 item instead of two, contacted support and was sent the missing item with no problem. The other time I even got a small present for helping other people in the comments.
Oct 15, 2016
Trust in which way?
I would say nope, only greedy people here working for a greedy company. The products they sell are usually c or b quality at it's best and they tend to brake in the first days of use. To make it even better, asking for support, they're going to tell you, f... ..f.
The average community member here is a maniac, not willing to help at all, but loves drama. Better leave, as long as you can!
/sarcasm off
I had just been kidding, but what a strange question to ask at this place itself (for ME)
Oct 15, 2016
I mean if you order something can you trust massdrop, do you get the stuff
Oct 15, 2016
Yes you do get the stuff. But be aware this ain't Amazon for example, you've to be willing to wait for a "longer" time often to get the stuff. The estimated delivery date is given at the bottom of drop pages, MD might not be the best place often for average stuff you can get at many other places all the time. The strenght is given in products you can't get at other places, but patience is needed to get happy here!
You can open the community members avatar (link) to see which items they've bought so far, if it aint locked by the members. It isn't all golden here, but the MD staff are fine people, helpfull and friendly. You just have to remember, the way you talk to someone, friendly or agressive, that way the answer might be.
Don't worry!