How is the audio latency when watching videos or playing games when using the build-in panda mics?


Feb 26, 2021
That will depend on the audio codec being used. Whether it is AptX, SDAC, LDAC, or a slew of others, each has some value in processing delay. Since this has a wired microphone, I'm sure that using it wired will eliminate that. So, since these codecs differ so much, and in some cases more than one is supported, it will depend on which one you connect with as well... that could be tricky to determine. See: Bluetooth 5.0 and Others: Demystifying aptX HD, Low Latency Standards and MIDI Technology - SoundsightR ( So I've read up a bit and I got this: "Backed by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 QCC5124 chipset, Panda offers support for LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX adaptive, AAC, and SBC codecs." So, if both your transmitter and these headphones connect and support aptX adaptive for instance, you will get the best latency of 50-80ms. Keep in mind that latency *should* not be a problem generally when watching videos on devices like your phone. They usually detect and compensate for audio delays. But not always, alas. If latency is very important to you (for gaming), then rather get a nice wired gaming headset.
Jan 27, 2021
Ok I don’t have any idea what the mics have to do with watching videos since all your doing is watching.
  • I have my #DropPandaTHX Headphones extensively to watch YouTube as well as movies and have had ZERO latency issues. On top of that I have found the experience, especially when watching movies completely immersive. I recently watched the movie HEAT (Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino) and it was an out of this world experience. It was like you were right in the room with the actors. You could hear every single sound even in the background. Door handles turning, keys rattling breathing, voices in the bar etc. Highly recommend.
  • I have used them literally on hundreds on video calls and chats with both the Boom Mic in and also on Bluetooth with no Boom Mic using just the built in mics, according to the people on the other end the call quality has been exceptionally clear. NO latency issues what so ever
  • Now as far as communicating with others while in a gaming experience goes I cannot answer to that as I’ve not done anything like that with them. I would assume that hearing the game etcetera would be excellent but I honestly don’t know.
I do have a few very close friends who are YouTube tech reviewers and they actually joined together and bought these for me as a gift. I am dying from terminal cancer and part of that fight is that I’m losing my eyesight and they wanted me to hear music and other entertainment type sounds the way they should be heard, as natural as possible. All 3 of them have clearly stated on their channels that they are some of the best Bluetooth headphones they have ever used (2 of the three also own the new AirPods Max Headphones and both prefer the #DropPandaTHX Headphones). One of them uses the #DropPandaTHX headphones extensively in friendly gaming competitions with other friends from all over the world and absolutely loves them for that. He has said he experiences zero latency. I will say this ... I would highly recommend the Boom Mic as a got to have accessory especially if your going to be gaming with others. I hope this helps in some way ... bottom line for me and in my opinion... I love the #DropPandaTHX headphones, by far the best headphones I have ever owned. iAmBoomerStrong 🎧
Jan 22, 2021
Using the built in mic forces you to use the mono "hands free audio" device which sounds like hot garbage, you will need an external mic for games/ watching vids and chatting.