How do these compare to Beats?


Feb 12, 2021
Is there any sense/reason in comparing trash with one of the best sounding bluetooth headphones?
Jan 23, 2021
Its like going to the store to buy Filet Mignon and coming home with liver. . Like comparing Grapes to raisins, yes they are the same thing but really . . NOT One is the best in its class VS one that doesn’t even have class. I will say this tho . . . If you are a “I love to feel the bass pounding in my chest” type of listener, the Drop+THX 🐼🐼’s are not for you (just my opinion). These are meant for those who want to hear music the way it is meant to be heard, hearing every note, every tone on a nice clear, open, bright soundstage. NOW . . with the upcoming firmware changes and app release you’ll be able to fine tune these headphones perfectly for YOUR ears and what YOU like to hear come from the headphones, just remember that they are planar - ribbon driver magnetic headphones and really have nothing at all in common with any of the Beats Headphones lineup OR the New Apple AirPods Max. They are all very deep bass, warmer sounding devices. Some highly rated tech reviewers have have clearly said . . “Plain and simple, the Drop+THX 🐼🐼’s are the best Bluetooth/Wireless headphones in the world . . . period!” (drops the mic and walks away 🤪). Hope this helps. Boomer 🎧🐼