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Can we get drops on 3D printer ?

I have not see many drops on 3D printers. I would like to get my hands on one, is there something that is holding it back become more popular?
Your thoughts?
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The print queue also referred to as the spooler, displays all documents waiting in line to reach the printer. What is remarkable about this set-up is a user can regularly change the Canon Printer Error Code P10 printing order up or down the list. However, not a thing can be moved in front of a document currently being printed.
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+ gun files
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3d printers are awesome. I already have a monoprice maker select plus. A drop on filliment or maybe upgrades like a glass bed would be Kool.
Perhaps a cnc type machine like the x-carve or a laser cutter .... More maker machines.
The Monoprice Mini 3D printer is always selling out. It's just under $200. I've read good reviews on it. It's a good starter 3D printer, I plan on purchasing it soon when it's available again.
Thanks. It looks like it is available right now.
no dont reccomed that one, i bought it had issues with the reslution on the y axis and broke 3 months latter also has a small bed, get a ender 3 as it bigger and bitter even if their is some assembly required
Why don't you start a poll? Pick 3-4 printers with a price of about $180 to $280. I would recommend to add the fabrikator mini from hobby king.
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No problem.
Your not going to find many "good" printers at that price range. I'd look more at $500 - $800. I was thinking of buying myself a Prusa I3 mk2 pretty soon. Would be nice to get a discount with a big order.
Beware of printers being sold way bellow market price. They are normally Chinese clones with shoddy electronics and structure.
Prusa I3 mk2 is one of the best printers on the market right now in the price range I listed. http://shop.prusa3d.com/en/3d-printers/59-original-prusa-i3-mk2-kit.html
A 3d printer would be great. A low end one would have the best chance to begin with.
suggestions on brand ?
A creality cr-10 is about as low end as I would go. it has mostly favorable reviews and is easily serviceable for a beginner user. though it is a Chinese printer, it was quickly selling out at the $400 price point it was at for a while. if massdrop could grab the printer at this price again, they may have a similar rush of orders.