Sennheiser PC38X Clipping?

I'm no audiophile but I've been looking for the best reasonably priced headphones to play games and listen to music (via a PC only). I have a pair of Sennheiser 560S, and they sound great to my ears but I wanted to compare them to PC38X since I heard they compared favourably for gaming and are relatively similar in sound/fit etc. I received my PC38X today. They do sound good, but I noticed almost immediately at low frequencies there is a pop/crack/rattle type of noise. Is this clipping? It will only happen at certain volumes or if I have the bass boost on my Ifi zen dac turned on - its pretty horrible. I can replicate it by using 40hz or below on this tool - This is a mic recording of the issue I'm experiencing: I'm just turning the volume up a bit then dragging the tone slider down past 40hz and up again. If I plug them directly into my soundcard I don't get the issue, but then the headphones just can't get very loud at all, even with all the levels turned right up! Compared to the Sennheiser 560S (which i can set to 100% volume on the DAC etc and work perfectly) and even my wireless Logitech G935's they just don't seem to be able to take any volume at all?! Is this some kind of manufacturing defect or are these headphones just not up to scratch?
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May 19, 2021