Need some help to pick the right keyboard

Hi! I would love own a Drop keyboard but I've some issue finding the right one. I've some specifications I cannot ignore and make my quest really harder:
  • It should be mechanical
  • Azerty layer (but it can be Qwerty)
  • Extremely silent
  • USB
  • LEDs are not required
The main issue is related to have a loudness mechanical keyboard, I've noticed that the switches does a small sound and the key hat amplify it, then maybe there's some key hat designed to not amplifying the switch sound ? I'm actually using a Razer keyboard and really want drop it quickly, but I wont make the wrong choice regarding Drop products, 'cause sending back a keyboard from France will cost some money :/ Thank you for your help, have a nice day :)

Lubing and filming switches, orings on keycaps, lubing stabilizers, and putting foam in a keyboards case will decrease sound. That might daunting for a beginner
Feb 4, 2021
Drop does have a few in the RGB range that could suit your needs if you do decide to go that way. Just search RGB keyboards. The DROP CTRL TKL is fantastic. The Halo Trues are the smoothest and quietest of the available stock switches. If you want to change up your keycaps. Try the Skylight Series. My favorite however is the DROP ENTR TKL with just white LED backlight. It has similar options for switches. Either Halo Clear or True are my faves. But if you can get a soldering gun going I highly recommend the ALIAZ SILENT switches. They’re the absolute quietest switches I’ve ever heard. Hope that gets you started!