Are the switches electrically functional, if we were to put them into a hot-swappable board for testing the feel and activation depth?


Feb 26, 2021
They appear to be fully functional switches with the connections on the back. I don't have a hot swappable board to test it out with to get you a definite answer. It would be nice to test the actuation points... they could be hooked up to a simple LED that lights up the clear base-but this switch tester is expensive enough as it is. This is good for feeling the actuation weights, there's a lot of variation in this set. Some feel like they'd be tiring to type on, and some (clears) like there's barely any weight and i'd mistype on them - but I've no idea really. End of the day you'll still need to type with a full set of switches for a while to see how you like it, but this switch tester helps narrow things down and give you a view of the overall switch landscape.
I have them now, and a hot-swappable keyboard. Your answer was totally correct. +1 It's also easy to test them with crocodile clips and a LED/resistor in series, as you said. If you already had other electronics around but no hot-swap.
Apr 1, 2021
Oh that's good to hear. Thanks friend.