Drop Ctrl Mechanical Keyboard key switches

I'm new to the mechanical keyboard world, and I've been looking for a new (TKL) Keyboard for my setup. I really like the Drop Ctrl, and I highly consider buying it. I just don't know which switches I want, I don't like the kind of clicky keys, but which should I go with? anyone, who have any recommendations?

Feb 6, 2021
Well, I have a brand new drop CNTRL that I think Ive typed on it maybe one day, and then put it back in the box (not because I didn't like it but because I got distracted with some other keyboard builds once the new parts arrived. But I have a full TKL set of Cherry MX Browns (Clear rgb compatible casings), Cherry MX Blues (Also clear RGB backlit compatible casings) and Gatereon Browns (Also clear RGB backlit casings). And possibly one or two more different types of switches if you'd like to purchase mine (still under warranty, bought straight from here and I'll let you have two sets of switches so you can try several types out and see which you prefer.)

Feb 9, 2021
I've been thinking of buying the Drop Ctrl with the Cherry MX Brown, but it would be nice to try some others too. The virus have made it hard to choose which switches you want, because you can't go to a store and try them out.
It is all preference. Your only other options are linear and tactile. Tactile switches have a bump, so you can feel the actuation. Linears are the same, simple, straight down feel