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Ok I need help quick. I can't choose which one to buy, and I know they're all completely different...
1) Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus
2) HifiMan HE350 (Massdrop Exclusive)
3) Logitech G663 Artemis Spectrum
Should I get a ModMice if I don't buy the G663? I want to take to school, don't mind if it's bulky. I'd really want a mic for starting YouTube. But at the same time want good sound quality. Don't care about looks. AND NO ATH-M50Xs!!! I don't want them, tested them and don't want. All help appreciated!!
AlexPk and DoZiii

HE350 wins for sound quality but in the end your intended use will govern which will be the best bet.
If you're only interested in sound quality, go with the HE350.
What kind of budget are yo on?
Max $150 US w/ shipping, live in Asia...