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Philips Fidelio X2 Replacement Pads

A few months ago I've purchased the X2s here on MD. I do prefer their sound signature over my Beyer DT990s. However, when it comes to comfort the pads of the X2 are just too tight. I've even tried stretching the band to loosen up the headphone's clamping. I was wondering if there are some more comfy pads available for the X2s. The only ones I've found are the Brainwavez HM5s. Anybody tried messing around with the X2s? I was also unable to understand how to remove the pads.
Jvsh Svgino

I'm surprised that you think the X2's plush memory foam pads are too tight. They're some of the most comfortable pads I've ever worn in my experience. Between the X2's memory foam pads and the Beyer's velour, I prefer the X2 as it is softer. If you want to 'loosen' the clamping force of your X2's you could probably just place them on a ball for prolonged periods of time until they get 'broken in'.
i agree, x2s are very comfortable hps